Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fast Forward

Is it just me or does it seem like someone has the fast forward button permanently pushed? What I mean is, wasn't it just Christmas?

And New Year's??

Now, Valentine's has past, Mardis Gras has past, tomorrow is March 1st.!!!! Spring Break is only 2 weeks away. Where in blazes is time going? What's bad is the kids are asking the same question! I never felt like life was rushing by when I was a kid. Why is it now? Yes, I love to decorate for every holiday, the St. Pat's stuff is up, and Easter is ready to go, but I'm really wondering, why I even bothered to take the Christmas tree down. It'll be time to put it back up, um lets see, in 3 weeks, right?

Someone, please stop pushing that button and let life slow down to a crawl for a change!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Up on the Roof

By now if you've been reading my blog you know a few things about me. The most obvious being, aside from loving my husband and family, I love all things Disney and I love Neil Diamond!

Surprise! Not a Disney blog!!!!

Several years back, Neil did a version of 'Up on the Roof'. Sorry, I'm not going to google and tell you who did it originally. I took a liking to the song even though it was one he hadn't written.

One night while out in the shop working on the airplane Kevin calls into me and asks if I can come out to help him! I said, yeah, in a minute, I was putting the baby down to bed!

When I get out to the shop, he asks me to come out over to the garage. When I walk outside, the ladder is out, and he gets on it and leans over to take my hand! I look quizzically at him and he says come on up!

When we reach the top, we step over a few feet, and there, "Up on the Roof" is a blanket, wine & glasses, and his boom box which he starts with the CD playing the song!

Kevin says the stars were so pretty that he thought we should look at them!

What I didn't know, was how long he'd been planning this, waiting for perfect weather - clear of clouds, warm enough temps, and a bright moon all when he was home!

See, you don't have to spend a ton of money for a little romance and good music!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Murphy's Law

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!!!!

Why is it that it isn't windy UNTIL you decide to go outside and rake? Yesterday was beautiful. While at the gym I decided that I would go home and continue my workout. Kevin was home, I could get the extra help when needed, the sun was out, it was warming up to a brisk 50 degrees. And it was calm! I sat there riding my exercise bike, watching the golfers and the trees, no movement!!!

We come home, I tell Kevin my ingenious plan, he thinks I'm crazy and I get everything out that I need - rakes, gloves, trash bags, and a broom.

I start my attack, the front porch and the garden area will be first.

What's that, did I just feel a breeze? No! Go away wind, I have a HUGE pile of leaves, you can't undo my work!

I trudge on. More wind! I have 3 big piles to contend with. This isn't just a passing little breeze. It is becoming a full fledged WINDY day. KEV!! HELP!!!

Getting 2 Drum Liners full of leaves with the wind proved to be a little tricky. I gave up after that. However my 2 gardens do look better!

That really is a lot of leaves! Those bags were heavy. This just proves my point. I hate yard work, that is why we have a pretend backyard! Better luck to you next time to decide to rake. May Murphy's law shine more favorably on you!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardis Gras

Can you believe this is a cookie?

Last night was the 10th anniversary of Meals on Wheels Mardis Gras fundraiser. The big party at the Civic Center. BEADS, 38 Restaurants serving food, entertainment, silent auctions, shopping, and activities for the kids. Mardis Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is the 42 Tuesday before Easter. Today, should be Ash Wednesday, and Friday will start the beginning of Lent. OK, I believe I was talking about fun, not religion!

So,I think it may be easier to show you in pictures rather than try to 'speak'! Imagine music in the background: When the Saints Come Marching In...

Did someone mention Food??

Here are Amelia, Kevin, and AJ enjoying a variety of selections!

And entertainment you ask, oh my!

Belly Dancers galore!

Then, if you didn't enjoy watching belly dancers! There were tap dancers on hand!

Kids were not bored either. A whole section just for them on Bourban Street!

Please note that BIG tower on the R in the background. That's known as the spiderweb! Here is what it looks like up close!

That's my friend's daughter, Ashlynn in the spider web!

Anyone feel like bouncing and working off all that wonderful food?

Well, the kids loved the bouncers!

Here's Addie, coming down the slide! Karen's other daughter!

Rock climbing was popular!

Face Painting!

So, what did the women do why the men watched the dancers? SHOP of course! there were tables of silent auction things to bid on and tables of things to buy! Oh, and beads!

I added to my bead collection! And, notice the belt, I have to get my Mickey fix in!

I think you can tell we had a GREAT time! This is our 5th year to go to this event. It is wonderful.

Now, I have to show you one more thing! What do you do with all the beads you accumulate over the years?? I made a centerpiece for my dining room table!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Hello Everyone! I can say that now, I have several followers, hee hee. Just wanted to wish all a Happy Mar dis Gr as Day! I don't get into all the religion aspects of it, I just have a fun time with it. Our local Meals on Wheels puts on an excellent party as their yearly fundraiser. Over 30 restaurants come down to the Civic Center and serve small samples of their cuisine! We buy 1 ticket to get in the door, and everything else is free, except the kids games! So, tonight we'll be enjoying a dining variety, looking over silent auction items and trying to persuade the kids not to have their hair spray painted multiple colors!

Tomorrow, I'll tell you all the fun we had, and post all the pictures!

Aren't you just breathless with anticipation?

OK, OK, here is one shot from last yr, just so you don't hyperventilate. Don't want Doc to have to do a house call!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Madness

I have 5 minuntes to post and it still be Monday!!!

A simple day right? Wrong!!!

A teacher conference at 8:10am. UGH! I'm NOT a morning person!!! Didn't sleep well, couldn't get hubby up and moving, arrive late. Get out, run by coffee shop, Kevin and I are thirsty, I don't 'do' coffee, but bottled water works!

Come home, change, go to gym and work out for a little over an hour.

Come home change, rest for a short break. Work around house, check e-mail, already time for lunch. Japanese? Sure. Change clothes, again!

Lunch, YUM! Walmart, a few groceries, Kevin's cell phone holder broke, theirs should be cheaper than the cell phone store.

Look at time, OMG, time to pick up AJ, it's 2:50!!! Mad dash to check out.

RUN to school. Come home, review folder, papers, ton of makeup work, remember he's missed 2 weeks of school. Make up 6 3 digit X 2 digit multiplication problems for him to work. Go over them, and check them, where's my calculator??

Uh, oh, time to go get Amelia from tutoring! Back to school I go!

Home again, go over homework, assignments, sign papers, calendars. Figure out what we are wearing for school pictures on Thursday!

Then, the rest of the evening just falls apart. A mad dash to the doctors office, running to get scripts, trying to get Kevin to the ER by 7 and everyone fed dinner. The pharmacy can't get the scripts for Kev done in the 10 minutes promised, so I then have to go pick them up and drive 20 minutes across town to the hospital and take his medicines to him. Finally get home at 8:15 as my cell phone starts to ring and my kids are asking: When are you coming home??

I dislike Mondays!


Sunday, February 22, 2009


Most people think of traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I want to tell you about a Funk family tradition. Sunday morning breakfast! When Kevin is in town, which is rare these days, Sunday breakfast falls to him! I'm not talking pancakes or waffles, both of which are good. I'm talking about Crepes or Cocoa Gravy and Biscuits!

Today it was Crepes - YUM!

Look at those beautiful things! Ohhhhh, so delicious. Fill them with my infamous cream cheese mixture, fruit, scrambled eggs, sausage, jelly, whatever your favorite thing is. Roll them up put a little whipped topping on and ENJOY! I'm in heaven!

Yes, crepes are truly a tradition in our family. The kids get so excited when they know they are going to have them. They even get in the kitchen to help! You KNOW it has to be good!

Now, if you've followed my blog, you've seen the picture of Kevin making crepes. (Why I love my Husband 2/14) So, here is a picture, a rare thing indeed, of my oldest son, Chris, making crepes! See, being the great dad that Kev is, he not only makes crepes, but he has taught both our older boys how to make them! Alas, I just can't get the wrist twirl down :( So it remains his job!

And what do you do with that last little bit of batter that won't make a full crepe?
You make a Mickey head of course! See, Disney is contagious!

I was so energized after crepes I managed to clean the entire house! How was your Sunday?


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Teacher Conference Request?

Oh the dreaded doom. I opened my e-mail in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep Friday. I have a request for a teacher conference for my 5th grader!!! Why? What can my angelic daughter possibly have done??? I e-mailed the teacher back and said Monday would be fine, my husband would be in town, not in the ER. The teacher responds and says Monday is fine, but no clue as to why. But now the wait!!! This is killing me. I've never had a teacher request a conference, I'm usually requesting conferences!!! So, my usually vanishing weekend is passing extremely slowly, waiting for 8:10am Monday when I can find out what on earth is going on!


Having been the baby of the family I didn't have a lot of experience with siblings, neither did Kevin. There is a huge gap between our older siblings and ourselves.

Here's the after school look, I'm tired don't mess with me!

So when our kids came along sibling rivalry was one of those things that challenged us (me) most! I'm not use to Amelia and AJ bickering, fighting like cats and dogs, and blaming the notorious, 'not me' for something. Gee, wonder if anyone Else experiences this?

So, imagine my surprise today when after school, they are playing games,calmly, Cooley, and like civil human beings that we raised them to be? Was there a secret agenda to this meeting of the minds? Or are they actually growing up. Time will tell, but I can sure enjoy it while it lasts!

I guess Star Wars Straego can be fun and relaxing!!

Oh, no, 45 minutes later, they're done playing, back in the den and back to pestering each other about who gets which end of the sofa. Well, 40 minutes of quiet was better than none! Thank you lord, they're growing up!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 2nd of 3 Wishes - Neil Diamond!

So, I told ya'll about my 1st wish, the swimming with dolphins. Kevin said, what about the other wish? I said, they'll be coming! In my 25 random thoughts and my reasons why I love my husband I mentioned Neil Diamond.

Yes, one of my wishes has been to meet the great Mr. Neil Diamond. My oldest son is even named Christopher Neil after Neil Diamond!!!! I have gone to many concerts over the years, his voice is amazing. We can be driving in the car, the radio barely audible, I'll reach over and crank the radio - it is Neil on the radio!!!

Imagine my delight back in 2002 when we found out he was finally coming to Lubbock! Wouldn't have to travel half way across the the country to see him. We bought tickets, a group of 25 of us, managed to get floor tickets, 25 rows back.

The day of the concert about 4:30 in the afternoon, the radio DJ, Landon announces he has 1 pair of tickets to give away that are in 2nd row!!!! OMG, I need these tickets!!! Somehow, I manage to get thru dialing and redialing and am the 20th caller!!! I rush to the radio station, pick up my prized possession and call Kevin!

Now, I start calling friends to see if anyone wants a REALLY GOOD deal on 2 tickets, because now I have 2 extra. I had bought tickets for the entire family! I finally find a friend who does not have other obligations.

I get ready for the concert, Gold Lame all the way, don't care if it is out of style!! We get to the concert, the seats are INCREDIBLE!! Amelia spends most of the show in my lap, or should I say, in the aisle dancing we me. I don't sit at a Neil Diamond concert! I'm a complete and utter fool!! We wave at Mr. Diamond, he waves back, we sing, dance, and have a wonderful night.

Then, Mr. Diamond is coming back to the front of the stage, and starting to sing "Girl You'll be a Woman Soon", as he walks to the front corner, he motions me forward. I carry Amelia up to the stage, Mr. Diamond gets down on his knees and sings to her (us)! Amelia puts her hand in his at the appropriate time in the lyric, and I'm just dying this entire time! At the end, he kisses Amelia on her cheek, than Kisses ME on Mine!!!!!! OMG, I think I just died and went to heaven!!!

I have just been serenaded by the vocalist I love most in the world, the day before my B-Day in my home city.

Then Mr. Diamond Stood up,said, what a beautiful little girl, give her a teddy bear. The security people brought Amelia a Teddy bear that says I heart Neil.

My wish to meet Mr. Diamond in my home and have a jam session isn't going to get much closer that this!!!

I still get goosebumps thinking about this!

As for my 3rd wish, it has yet to come, I want to go on WDW cruise with the family. Someday we'll be able to use our DVC points and then pay the difference and take that cruise.

For now, I'm happy reliving the night Mr. Neil Diamond sang to Amelia and myself!

Sorry, no pictures, they don't allow cameras into concerts :(


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting to Know You

I'm very outgoing and make friends very easily. Even online I have friend's personal e-mails because I'm so outgoing! In one of my discussion groups someone came up with the idea of how we could get to know each other.

The challenge: Without being in the picture, post a picture that tells about yourself! Group members are still having a time with this topic! After pictures are posted, other members are suppose to post what they can tell about their friends! Am I just that weird, or is being a pack rat in this case good?

Since my mind has been brain dead from dealing with ill kids, yes still, I thought I'd take this topic and my picture that I composed and share it with you all.

So, this is my getting to know me picture!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

Talking with my niece last night via facebook instant messanger, she was telling me about her big plans for today. Her 3 girls are named after Presidents! Then it dawned on me, I have a little Presidential history of my own. Stephanie was amazed that I had never told her all of this and said it would make wonderful reading. Not sure, but I'll attempt!

My Dad worked for NBC News in Chicago and Nightly News; therefore he traveled all the time and once in awhile, Mom and I joined him.

1968 primary campaign was one such time, Key West, Florida. Richard Nixon was there for a week. I had the opportunity at age 7 to meet the man running for President! I also met his lovely family. Wife Patricia, daughter Tricia, and daughter Julie nicknamed me 'Little Miss Press'. There weren't many 7 year old kids around at the Press Conferences, on the bus, or the plane! A month or so later Dad was buying a charm for my charm bracelet that he started me. Mr. Nixon was with him, and he bought a charm for me too!

I know Nixon didn't end up with one of the greatest records in history, but this is something that I'll never forget!

It also occurred to me that back in 1963, I was just a toddler, Dad was assigned to Kennedy's tour. NBC called Dad's crew back and reassigned him to Nixon just a few weeks before Kennedy got shot! Thinking back while talking with Stephanie, I wish my Dad had written all these things down, his stories would make great reading in a book, or at least a blog!

Anyway, this is my reflection for President's Day. Enjoy your day, however you celebrate it, big or small.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 3 Wishes

Everyone has a wish list or a goals list - something they want to do in their life before they depart this world. Well, I've been fortunate enough to be able to do two of the three items on my list. I may have to add to my list!

I love dolphins, I've loved them since I was a kid. I grew up watching Flipper on TV. I still have my stuffed Flipper with the squeaky nose!! My dream was to be able to swim with a dolphin. Notice I said WAS.

I've actually had the opportunity to swim with dolphins on 2, count 'em 2 occasions!

The first was back in the early 90s down in Key West, Fl. That was really neat. We did a 15 minute class about dolphins and then 15 minutes in the water. I was towed by one, got one to jump over a pole, and another to jump through a hoop! It was a totally amazing experience. The free swim part with the disposable water camera was amazing. They are such graceful, curious, gentle creatures. Can I have one for a pet?

Then, in 2007 down in Pto. Vallarta Kevin and I got to swim with dolphins together! Again, a short little 'school', then you get in the 'pool' with the dolphins. Getting to free swim with the dolphins is amazing. They feel so silky. Making them 'sing', jump, and tail dance is so much fun. Ill' never forget the feeling of being towed.

So this is the first of my three wishes. I'll tell you about the second wish some other time.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love My Husband

Happy Valentine's My Friends! In honor of this romantic day, I thought I'd do a post telling why I love my husband, Kevin.

1. He Proposed to me on my Birthday, just before Midnight, romantic!

2. We are a team, when I sold Tupperware, he helped me sort the orders in the garage - before the UPS man delivered it! We do yard work together, we clean house together, we fold clothes together, and we built the airplane together!

3. He's kind, generous, and loving.

4. He's a wonderful dad, loves to play games with the kids.

5. He's brought me breakfast in bed on more than one occasion!

6. He makes the best Crepes in the world!


7. He loves Disney World almost as much as I do.

8. He thinks I'm smart enough to go to medical school, yeah right!

9. He has loved me through thin and not so thin times! Loves me for me!

10. He is actually quite a handy man although he does not like to admit it. Hey, if he built an airplane he can fix anything right?

11. He keeps the finances a whole lot more organized than I can with my dyslexia.

12. He buys me flowers and cards other than Valentine's Day!

13. He understands how important my scrapbooks are to the family and family heritage.

14. He loves the fact that I love to fly, and that the kids love to fly.

15. He will work a vacation around an outlet mall and do round-robin trips in the airplane, so that I and 2 kids get taken down first to like San Marcos. I get the rental car, and shop, while Kev flys back home for the rest of the family and luggage! When it is time for me to pick him up, he CIRCLES the outlet mall a couple of times and I know it is time to head back to the airport and get him! That is how you enjoy a Schlitterbahn Vacation before school starts and do back to school shopping!

16. He's let the kids have every kind of pet imaginable - rabbits, chickens, hamsters, of course the dog, the cat, and the aquatic turtle, and the beta fish. We've had quite a zoo!

17. We are the party house! We've had some big 4th of July parties, we love to do Halloween parties for the kids, but I think the most favorite that we do is the NYE party. We invite friends by word of mouth and the more the merrier! For NYE we have decorations, we have sparklers, we have party poppers, music, dancing, games going on all over the house, kids everywhere, and tons of food.

18. He knows when I've had a rough day and suggests that we do dinner out!

19. He puts the toilet seat seat down!

20. He takes every other year in planning our Anniversaries and trades with me so that one person doesn't get all the big ones!

21. He gives me back rubs even when he's tired.

22. He goes grocery shopping when I'm ill and can't go and cooks for the kids and I!

23. He tells me he LOVES me on a daily basis and MEANS it!

24. He saves the day and comes to school at 7:30 AM last minute to talk about Healthy Life Styles with Muffins for Moms!

25. He takes me to every Neil Diamond concert I can get tickets for, even if that means flying me to another state!

I think I have the cream the of the crop and I won't trade him, we dated for 2 yrs, have been married for 23 1/2 years. I'm looking forward to another 80 yrs of marriage! So, there you have it, 25 reasons why I love my husband for the 25 years that I have known him!

The flowers, he carefully picked out for me yesterday. (He's working this weekend :( Boo Hoo) The flowers are in a blue vase, have a bear on them, and an airplane in them! (Favorite color - Blue, nickname - Carebear, love airplanes, florist didn't have dolphins!) See how much thought he puts into things? Also, the music CD he got me, the card, didn't get into the picture, a Star Trek Card! Yes, we're Trekkie's!

Happy Valentine's Day


Friday, February 13, 2009

Flu Zone

Yes, we got our flu shots and I'm a firm believer in them. However, the flu bug managed to move into our house this week :( My den looks like a hospital ward)

That's me, my 18 yr old Tyler on the sofa on the R, and Amelia - 12, and AJ - 10 on cots that they moved into the den!

My house has fallen apart I can't see the kitchen table, I have this extra bookcase by the one sofa, and Kevin is working his tail off. He feels bad because he can't be here to help us - he doesn't need to be here - doesn't need to get sick!

Tyler started running a high temp last Sunday, AJ started Monday. I felt bad Tuesday, and Amelia was sent home from school Wednesday with 102.5* fever! Of course, the coughing is so bad you can't hear the TV, and the kids are achy and grumpy! Chris, my 21 yr old who does NOT live at home called Thurs. morning. He was going home from work sick! Wanted to know what he came in contact with when he did laundry on Sunday!!

So, how was you week?