Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Interesting Project

Remember when a book report was just a report? Maybe a colored drawing to go along with it? Well, not any more my friends! In today's elementary schools book reports are productions! Last year we had to do a biography book report and dress up as that person for an oral presentation to the class!

This year, we've had to make a windsock, do a book jacket, do a file folder biography report, and now this one ~ a sandwich! At least AJ found this one fun!

We were given several sheets of paper with parts of the sandwich on them. AJ had to fill out that part of the report, color the paper and then cut of the piece of the sandwich. When finished, we are suppose to punch a hole in the upper L corner and get a brad form the teacher. It will then become the sandwich!

The meat of the sandwich is telling about the main character!

The cheese ~ what part of the story made you smile and 'say cheese' !!

The lettuce summarizes the story 'wraps it up'!!

The onion was the part that either made you cry or was sweet!

The tomato was the setting ~ where the story took place. You could describe this or draw it.

The top piece of bread was Book, author, illustrator, and student's name.

The bottom piece of bread was what you liked or didn't like about the book.

There will be an oral presentation to the class on this one too!

So here it is the completed sandwich! Doesn't it look yummy?!!

AJ is pleased, that is what matters! Well, we have a few weeks to rest until the next project is due!

Since Amelia was in 4th grade last yr, I can already tell you what the final book report of the school year is. Design a poster of your favorite book that you read during the school year that would make kids want to read that book! The teacher keeps about 25 posters and decorates her room with them for the following year!

Is it May yet, I'm ready for Summer vacation!!!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun & Games

One of the nice things about family visiting is the chance to play together. As you know we acquired a pool table. This proved several hours of entertainment. As did our family favorite, Tripoley. This game is a combination of poker and rummy!

McKinley, Amelia, Stephanie, and AJ playing Tripoley.

Reagan, McKinley, & Amelia

AJ, Kennedy, Chris, and Kevin

What was so funny in this game, is that with so many people playing, 8, the chances of getting a great poker hand are not very good. Every time Chris had an extremely good hand and would go 'all in', one of the little kids would have a better hand and beat him!!

Chris, Kevin, AJ, and Reagan at the pool table.

Reagan and AJ messing around.

Chris works on his shots!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tyler's Desk

Tyler Far R side

My son Tyler decided to buy a desk. The built in cubby desk in his room was to small. Granted, our home was built 21 years ago before everyone had computers! You know these 18 year olds, 2 monitors - flipping between windows isn't good enough! I must admit I've taught my kids shopping skills. He went thru the ads, looked at prices, looked online and compared. It helps that he works for a major office supply store here in town!! Then he showed me his choices. Why am I blogging about a desk??

How often do you get to buy a piece of furniture that shares your name?

He's quite happy with it!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Weather - Gotta Love It!

The Calendar says it is Spring, my decorations say it is Spring, however, the temperature and weather still say it is winter! This is what it looked like outside yesterday morning upon awakening!

Now, look real hard, it is snowing like a blizzard! Hard to capture in bright sunshine in late March! I don't have Photoshop, only Kodak free software!
White specs are snow!

See the white specs? It was 20* and snowy all day Friday! Luckily, no major accumulation. It did make for an interesting and challenging drive home for Kevin however. At 6 PM he had areas of bright sunshine, then he would have 1/10th mile visibility!

Wasn't it just a few days ago that it was 80* and we were playing in the park?

Well, as we like to say in Texas, if you don't like the weather, stick around for 5 minutes, it will change!!

Have a great and hopefully WARM weekend!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Difference in How Men and Women Think!

OK, I know you think I'm going to go all technical on you and get into analytical psycho babble talk. Well, no, I have an interesting observation to post about.

I have a question to ask you ~ have you ever played Tetris 2 or Dr. Mario with your husband or son?

I know, Wii is the latest video sensation, but we still have fun with the old fashioned Super Nintendo! Over the years we have spent many a weekend or summer night passing time with round-robin tournament style playing.

What has this to do with the difference between men and women you ask? Well, just this ~

Men think Horizontally! Women think Vertically!

Tetris 2

Now, if you aren't familiar with these games, the object is to get 3 or 4 of the same colors lined up to make them disappear. In Tetris 2 it is blocks, in Dr. Mario, it is pills!

If I work really hard, I can make a row horizontally, but it is much easier to line things up vertically. My daughter is the same way.

As you know, my niece was in town recently. I had told her my theory on this years ago, and she said she agreed with me. In fact, she thinks it applies to other facets of life with men!

So, what do you think? Does your husband think horizontally?

Another strange thing to ponder!


I Won!

One of the blogs I follow had a giveaway, Dena, is so sweet. Here is her blog -

I Just wanted to say THANKS!! I've been trying to figure out how to do links! So, if you are looking for blogs to read or follow, go by Thoughts by Dena.

Again, Thanks Dena!


When Kids Take the Camera!

It shouldn't come as any surprise to me that my kids like to take pictures. After all, they have been raised with a lens in their faces! This can come in handy when on vacation and you have more than one camera, you get someone Else's perspective on the trip and you may actually get photos with YOU in them!

Now, I have found that when I upload my pictures to the computer, I usually have some pictures that I have no idea what they are - enter my kids taking the camera! Did you know that if you hold the lens directly to your arm you can get a really weird orange picture? Amelia did this while bored in the back of the airplane last summer! Usually, I delete them. Lately, I have been busy, and with the recent visit of our cousins, I found that we may have budding talent in the family! I will share!

This is what I normally get, Amelia, doing a self portrait for her web space!!!

Here, with cousin McKinley, there is more creativity!! This is kind of cute!

Um, let me guess, they are showing their patriotism?? I can't tell you how many pictures of fingernails I have found during uploads!!!

OK, kids and technology! I have had my camera for a year now. Did I know it could do black and white photos?? No! And, I even read the manual!! In the following 3 photos, I see artistic talent. I'm pretty sure it was McKinley's doing, but Amelia may have had some input.

Even AJ got to be a model! Guess he was the only one who would fit into the 'coffin'! This is a trunk, a hope chest, brought from OKC! So, I guess an empty trunk made for a good place to get a picture!

Who knows, we may be looking at the work of the next Picasso of Photography!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ahsley's Sweet 16!

We have this sweet, adorable, blond neighbor Ashley. She just turned 16! Drivers, beware! Just kidding!

So, she had this really big bash before our Spring Break at the country club with all of her friends, I wasn't invited. For her actual birthday she had a family dinner which entailed a cookout. This is why my niece came all the way from OKC!! Not to see us, noooo! She came for Ashley's birthday party!! Imagine my surprise when Stefunk 'asks' me if she can come down!!

Anyway, here are pictures of Ashley's party! Sorry, they are out of order (I don't feel good and I'm not going to rearrange!)

Ashley opening cards!

Food is ready, get your plates!

Typical Ashley - you have to know her!

Blowing out candles!

Ashley and boyfriend Dusty!

Anyway, Happy Sweet 16 Ashley!!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I figured that I have bored you with enough photos of late. I thought that I might share some more insight into my life.

There is a "wonderful" (sarcastic) disease called Fibromyalgia Snydrome (FMS). This disease mimics chronic fatigue, and rheumatologists must rule out Lupus, arthritis's, cancers, auto immune diseases, crohns, and many other things, as you can see.

So what is FMS? Well, it is traveling joint aches, muscle aches, tiredness, memory problems (we call it Fibro Fog), Stomach/colitis problems, headaches, sometimes problem teeth - seems like more than your fair share of dental problems, unruly hair, and no energy! The other common thing is that when you get sick, it takes you longer to get over illnesses. Other people get over something in 4 days, you will be down for 8 to 10 days! You have more 'bad' days than 'good' days. If you do get a burst of energy and spend it, then you are wiped out and down for several more days! Just not fair.

Yes, that is what we with FMS have to put up with. At one point I could hardly get up in the morning, get the kids to school, and get thru the day. I'd pick them up, and nap in the recliner while trying to help with homework. Cooking dinner was a major task.

Luckily, I have a Doctor husband who understands FMS and is interested in the treatment. He found one. A patient brought him a book written by Dr. R. Paul St. Ammand - 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia'.

In this book, Dr. St. Ammand talks about a treatment - Guaifenessin Protocol. Yes, the stuff that makes cough medicines taste nasty!! In pill form you know it as Mucinex!

The key to get this to work is to eliminate Salicylates from your body - Aspirin - and natural ingredients like Aloe. Salicylates (Sals) are numerous, but the list of safe products that we can use, so we don't block the Guai from working, is growing.

I have been on the guai protocol since 1992 and regained my life! I enjoy Walt Disney World, I enjoy my kids again, I enjoy doing so many simple things that people take for granted. Things that people with FMS can't do. This disease when left untreated, will cripple people. Some doctors don't think it is a real disease! They tell people that they are just depressed and making up their multitude of symptoms. Others just prescribe pain pills, say live with it, or exercise. Well, exercise is good, but it is something that most people with FMS just CAN'T do!!!

If you can, aqua therapy is wonderful. I can get range of motion, and not hurt my joints. I have to be very careful with weights and cardio equipment.

I've learned to listen to my body. When I need rest, I rest. When I feel like I can 'go' I get up and go! The hardest thing is when the house needs to be deep cleaned! I can 'kill' myself cleaning, but then I can't move for a day or two. I have to take things in stride, and do it in pieces.

When we had our clinic, we ran a support group. We had many patients that we helped. I feel like it is almost a calling of mine to spread the word about FMS and try to help people with it. If you are willing to change most products that you use for makeup, shampoo, lotion, nail polish, etc., you can have relief.

I hope this helps 1 person. This is just an introductory post to the world of FMS. If there is interest and questions, I will do more.


Monday, March 23, 2009

More Sring Break Fun!

Wild and Crazy Park!

When I was a kid, parks had swings, a merry go round, and some monkey bars. Nothing like this park! All the kids had fun!

Kennedy climbing!

Amelia sees how high she can go!

The 'tongue' slide!

Tyler can get to top!

AJ sits in the spinning seat!

Swing Fun!

AJ calls this the spider web!

Modern day monkey bars!

Welcome back to the school week.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cousin Play Time!

Kennedy, AJ, Reagan, Amelia, & McKinley.

Okay, so my niece Stephanie and her 3 girls followed my son, Tyler and daughter Amelia, home from Oklahoma City! AJ was thrilled that Spring Break boredom would be busted up. Wednesday around 3:30 in the afternoon I found out this was a possibility, and at 4 PM I found out they would be arriving around midnight!

Amelia, Reagan, McKinley.

Thursday, the temperature didn't quite hit the 80* like Wednesday, but the sun was shining and it was pretty. So after a quick mystery shop, we packed up a picnic lunch and headed to Legacy Play Village - this is a park built by the community. Fun was had by all!

AJ, Amelia, McKinley, Reagan, Kennedy, (Mason one of AJ's classmates)

This is a 2 story 'castle'. Inside are all kinds of fun things to do.

This big wooden park was so neat, that the 'starving' kids took off to play the minute we got there! Lunch came later!

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

Rooftop fun!

TX, yes we are proud!

Have I bored you with enough photos yet? Sorry, I just get carried away! See, while we were 'prisoners' to our own business of owning a clinic for 4 years we didn't get away, didn't get to have family come visit. We lived and breathed work! So this is a joy to have family come and play!

Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break. Monday will be back to the grind of school and schedules.