Friday, December 31, 2010

Do Cats Like S'Mores?

Who says you need to be camping to make S'Mores? Amelia and AJ made them in the fireplace! And guess what? Gizmo and R2-D2 had fun too! Yes, cats like making S'Mores!!!

Hmm, is this too hot?  Shall I take a bite??

SNIFF, this isn't CAT food!

Let's make S'mores!

Oh no, its on fire!  Look who is behind Amelia!

After I stopped taking pictures, the cats actually got their paws sticky with the marshmallows! I was in the other room. Oh well! Needless to say, all involved had a good time! So, why not try it at home, I'm sure if my cats had this much fun your dogs are bound to enjoy it! Happy New Year!

For more great animal pictures, visit camera critters on Sat, they have awesome pictures :-)


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cookie Baking

My friend Donna, D on the apron, has a Santa cookie party every year for the kids! Parents can stay or they can go shop without eyes!! This year was crazy fun! Each kid gets a small amount of cookie dough and gets to roll it out and make cookies, then they get to decorate them. This year they also decorated the plastic plates with stamps.

Andrew, Ashley, and Donna.

Connie, Auria, & Ellyssa ready to decorate.

Amelia, Elyssa, Auria decorate plates!

Yes, I made cookies!

More kids cutting!
ET3 Oliver made it to the party!  She didn't make cookies, didn't want to get that uniform dirty!

Ellyssa and Mary

Auria decorates her cookies!

Donna's party was on a Saturday. I had colored cookie dough from a school fundraiser. So on Monday before Christmas, several kids gathered at my house for more cookie making! I think more raw cookie dough was consumed than made, but Santa had plenty of cookies!

Colored cookie dough!

Elyssa rolls out red!

AJ's molten earth cookie!

Kenzie's blue tongue from blue dough!

Since Kenzie is in the Navy, she is making a ship cookie!

Do you make sugar cookies at Christmas? I didn't get adventurous with the decorating this year. I didn't have time. I've been following some baking blogs and love how you can make cookies look like works of art, but I'm not that talented yet!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It was a RISKY Day/Night!

What happens when dad gets a day off and actually wasn't wiped out the day before in the ER? Family game day!!! And if this family isn't playing Tripoly, then its playing RISK! Chris had popped in so that was extra nice! I was taking down Christmas, getting ready for NYE. Kevin, Chris, Amelia, and AJ went to war!
here is what that looked like:

After RISK, everyone felt bad that I hadn't played, so I got drafted into STAR WARS RISK!!!!!! We play teams in this one, because I need help explaining what force power is best to use when! I'm an old dog, hard to teach new tricks to! Chris and I were the Republic, Kevin and AJ were the Empire! It was touch and go, the dice were not kind to Chris and myself. The Empire got a much better foothold than they should have!

Here we are playing:

However, even after, Order 66 by the Empire, the Republic pulled it out!! That's right, Chris and I won! We were left with 2 measly planets and my turn was last. The dice finally favored me and I captured The Emperor! Like I said, it was a Risky day/night!!

Hope you and your family have been enjoying your holiday break together!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome Home Kenzie!

Our dear friends, the Olivers, oldest daughter, Kenzie, went into the Navy last April. She left for boot camp at a mere 17, yes she is a smart young girl, graduated from HS an all. She is going through nuclear engineer school. Life has been tough and it has been a long 8 months since we have seen our 'daughter'! My family just grows and grows! But, Dec. 18 is when leave started. That's what the military calls vacation! We drove out to the airport. Kelly and the girls had made posters, and we welcomed Kenzie home with whoops and hollers!

It is so much fun to see how this young girl has grown, and we are honored that she has spent so much of her precious time with us :-)

Congrats ET3 Oliver!

Elyssa sister, Amelia, Ashley, Kelly ~Mom. Waiting for Kenzie

AJ and Philip ~ Dad in this picture!

There she is!

That is one happy MOM!!!

I think Elyssa missed her big sister!

Sister Taelor gets a hug!

From the airport we went to Donna's to make Santa Cookies, but that is another post!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Survived Christmas Day!

Well, I cooked for a week, making desserts of all kinds and it took 3 trips to the grocery store to be sure I had everything! I did most of the cooking Christmas Eve as I mentioned in my earlier post. Christmas Day was wonderful.

Christmas morning my alarm did NOT go off at 6:30am like I had planned! Instead I received a text from our oldest stating he was almost ready to come over! It was 10 mins to 8!! Quick jump into the shower! So much for hair and makeup!

The morning was spent opening gifts then warming food and final prep for 14 of us to eat! After lunch/dinner we exchanged gifts with each other.

Here is a look at our day!

First look at what Santa brought!!!

Amelia was excited, she can use her new suitcase next March when she goes to Europe!

Collage blanket I created on Snapfish!

Kevin got me new jean skirt. I can twirl!!  And new jeans, they are so fancy!

Amelia with Grammie Lou

AJ flies his Millennium Falcon!

AJ bought big brother Chris a new wallet and used his own money!!

Gizmo and R2-D2 love their toy :-)

We just love 'Big Bang Theory' on TV, this T was perfect for Kevin!

Getting the food ready

I was trying to save my nails, I had been cooking so much and washing my hands soooo much, I wasn't going to have any polish left!  I decided to use some gloves.

The onion pie that I put on the blog Christmas Eve is in R forefront next to the homemade Mac & cheese.

The adult table

Amelia and AJ helped Grammie get her plate

Elyssa Oliver with her present

Mike Ponto with his

Philip Oliver with his

Connie and Auria Nutter

Kenzie Oliver (ET3 now)!!

Taelor Oliver was sooo excited, she had been asking for over an hour when we were going to open presents!

Kelly Oliver, she brought the turkey and lots of other great food!

After all the food and presents we all gathered in the living room and played Apples to Apples.  We love this game and this year we got expansion pack 1.  After 7 years we needed so new cards!  Everyone had a rolling good time!

 We take a basket and pass it around to collect the cards when we have this big of a group.  For some reason Kev decided to 'crown' me Apple Queen!  I promise you NO alcohol was involved with this group!!

After this we adjourned to the den to watch Dr. Who, A Christmas Carol.  We had memory built up in the TIVO!  Christmas memories with friends, what more can I say. 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and made memories with your family.