Sunday, June 7, 2015

Celebrate America! 60 Days to 60 Years - Disneyland 1976

This is a video of America on Parade, the 1976 Bicentennial parade at Disneyland.  Welcome to another installation of 60 Days to 60 Years! I'm honored to be one of the guest bloggers to tell of Disney's history.  My first visit was in 1971 and my second was in 1977.  I thought it was '76 and that is why I volunteered for 1976! 

The thing I remember about 1976 is the Bicentennial!  Everyone was celebrating it, everywhere, recreating it in little towns, festivals, dances, etc.  Disneyland was no exception.  America on Parade was the parade that taught about America's history. 



When I told friends I was doing this, the first question they asked me is what did it cost to go to Disneyland?  Well, thanks to the internet, I can give you that answer!  I'd like to thank Vintage Disneyland Tickets Blog, for having pictures of a 1976 ticket book!

Photo: Disneyland Tickets Blog

Photo: Disneyland Tickets Blog
I would have had to buy more than 1 ticket book!  11 tickets with over 40 attractions!  How did you choose? Would you like to see what you had to choose from?  I hope so!  Because,  again, Vintage Disneyland Tickets has photos of the guide book.  Which in today's terms are the park maps. I think these guide books are a gem!

All Photos: Disneyland Tickets Blog

I find it amazing that Adventureland had Enchanted Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, and Swiss Family Tree House as the 3 attractions.  

Aside from the Bicentennial Disney Imagineneers were looking to the future.  According to  there were all kinds of expansions that never came to light.  I'm not going to copy his work but the article is very interesting if you want to read it!
You have to remember, in 1976, Disneyland was 21 years old and WDW was 5 years old.  The Disney company had to plan how to grow the company the best way.  They were I'm sure planning a big 25th party for Disneyland and didn't want the park torn up.  But I'm not going to step on another year!

So, this is what Disneyland looked like in 1976.  It was stable and celebrating America!

Cozyflier/Carrie Funk