Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I'm going with virtual greetings because I haven't had time to even think about Christmas cards! 2nd year in a row! In 2011 Kevin and Amelia did a school trip to Europe~ London, Paris, Lorre Valley. Stone Henge, Normandy Beach, Eiffel Tower, the London Eye and many other sites. While the two of them were in Europe, Chris, AJ, and Carrie went to WDW! This was Spring Break! Lesson learned ~ never go to WDW during Spring Break!!!

2012 started out with Kevin and I going to WDW by ourselves for our first ever adult trip! We met Disney friends Steve and Davenna at the end of January for 8 days and had a blast! It is great fun to be kids at WDW WITHOUT kids!!

Phineas and Ferb!

Amelia turned 15 this year which means that she got her driver's permit! We are doing Driver's Ed in a Box! She is a good little driver. She works hard and does well in school. So in March during Spring Break the day the permit was issued, we totally SURPRISED her! Kevin had gone out car shopping and we arranged to have the car delivered to the house! She has been learning to drive in her 2003 Mustang!

 Amelia with her 'new' car!!!!

Chris graduated from Texas Tech University! His degree is in Computer Engineering. No ceremony, he refused to go through it! He isn't much on pomp and circumstance! He was hired full time in the IT department by Grace Clinic. He worked for them as an intern while he went to school!

AJ was nominated to National Junior Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC. He was nominated by one of his teachers, we were proud. So this summer Amelia and I drove AJ to Washington, DC. This was a great cross country road trip and great driving experience for Amelia. Amelia's boyfriend, Alex, joined us so she wouldn't be bored seeing sights with just Mom! We stayed in Silver Spring, MD about 2 miles from AJ's conference and drove into DC everyday. Carrie survived driving in DC!!! We crammed in as many sights as we could in 5 days but I think the favorite tour was the Segway Tour!

Dropping AJ off at his Conference!

Jefferson Memorial seen from the paddle boat!

Paddle boat in the Tidal Basin! 

Segways in front of the Whitehouse!

 Of course during the road trip we made several stops, but one of the neat ones was in St. Louis!  Hi Chrissy!!

Tyler moved backed from OKC and after being at home for a year has decided to get his own apartment. He is working and has a roommate to cut down costs of the apartment. He still does not like having his picture taken!

The big new of the year is that Kevin got his pilot's license back! The FAA cleared him medically and he has been flying for business and pleasure!
In September Kevin and I flew down to Florida for his Birthday! We had a Disney Cruise Planned :-) Before the cruise we met friends George and Andrea Kalbfleisch in Kissimee, FL and visited DownTown Disney. Then we had dinner at BOMA at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The next day we flew in tandem flight to Titusville, the Space Coast! George and Andrea were going there for the Space shuttle launch on the 747! Always great to visit with friends.

Then we headed for the cruise with niece Stephanie her hubby Shawn Conrad. 4 Glorious days in the Bahamas! 2 days on Cast Away Cay ~ Snorkeling, swimming with Stingrays, and biking!

Para Sailing!  Even though Kevin is afraid of heights, he para sailed!

Kevin is still doing ER work, he works up to 25 different ER's and his schedule can change at the last minute so life is never boring! I'm still volunteering at school and watching after everyone's schedules. I'm really hoping that on Januray 4th Amelia can get her driver's license and I won't have to keep getting up so early in the mornings to get her and AJ to school! Everyone say a prayer for her!
Christmas Day will find me cooking for 12! We hope that your family has a blessed Christmas and wonderful 2013. 
Again, Merry Christmas If you are in Lubbock on New Years Eve we have the annual NYE party going on!! Come on by the house 9pm - 1am to Ring in the New Year!!!

Love Cozyflier Carrie, Kevin, Chris, Tyler, Amelia, and AJ