Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We Got Left Behind!

Hello to Carrie's readers. This is Gizmo, Amelia's kitten, and R2-D2, AJ's kitten along with Chris' kitties - Corelia and Talus. We are in Lubbock at home, Chris is house sitting and going to work. We have learned how to use the computer while we lay on lap tops and watch them type and play games!

Carrie and our pets are off gallivanting across the country having fun while we are left at home, bored.

We thought we would do a post to let you know that Carrie will be back with lots of pictures of cool things they did while in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Bet they don't bring us any presents either!

Take care, I heard Chris say he's going to be here until the 5th of August, so the 4 of us kitties are going to have fun playing pool, batting toys around, and sleeping.

Hang in there.
The Funk Kittens!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Summer Snapshots

So many things happened during the 4th of July weekend and i've been too busy to blog about each and every one! So I'm doing a scenes of summer blog with various pictures!

Enjoy! These are pictures from Bricktown, OKC and my Nieces, Stphanie, house.

Getting ready for a float in movie.
Making S'mores!

Reserved seating for the float in movie!

Playground fun at Bricktown!

Fountain Fun!

If I have enough inflatables, I won't get wet when I jump in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Time Re-Wind Please!

OK, I'm going to borrow Stephanie's line. If I don't see the 4th of July fireworks then it is still the 4th!!!!!

I just found a memory card with all the 4th of July parade pictures and party stuff afterward. Please indulge me, it is after all my blog, right?

You probably know we drove to Bethany, OK (OKC) and visited or relatives. Their neighbor cleaned out Albertsons when it went out of business. Albertson's grocery store never had cool inflatable costumes here in Lubbock!

Anyway, Nephew Shawn has been in the local parade for 5 years running. This was Amelia's and AJ's FIRST Parade to EVER be in! Just think, they were with cousins and out of state!!!!!

I also forgot how small towns 'soup' up a parade by inviting car clubs and any other business or club to in the parade. So here is my perspective of a small town parade!

Happy Belated 4th of July!!!!!! I'm just a running a little late!

Shawn, Amelia, nieghbor, AJ, neighbor

Kennedy, Amelia, neighbor, AJ in dino, McKinley, and I'm not sure after that! I think you can see cousin Reagan in the far back!

The old cars are so much fun! Wow it would have been weird to drive these babies!

My favorite, the Corvettes! It was my dream car when I was 16! I just loved the plates!

Even General Lee was there, remember him? Of course horses. But not ordinary horses, no sir reee!! Look at these 'toe nails'!!!!!!! And fancy legs too!

Then the food! Man was there food! Yep, I'm thinking I like 4th of July better than Christmas! Warmer weather, food is split among more people and you get to swim! Plus in this case we see more family!

Happy Holidays, thanks for indulging me!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something's Wrong.....

We are leaving town Sunday for a 12 day trip. I haven't started packing! You are talking to the woman who usually packs a month before a trip! I'm use to shipping trunks when we fly and they have to leave a week ahead of time, so I'm really use to having things done early.

However, doing Amelia's room has re-set my focus and caring for Mom. Time is flying by and all of a sudden it hit me, we leave in 4 days and I'm no where near ready!

No piles of clothes set aside, no snacks for the car, no movies for the car picked out, laundry hasn't been run to the end of the earth, and I don't know exactly where the suitcases are!

Guess I better start thinking Montana, Medical conference for Kev, Yellowstone park, and Mt. Rushmore. Oh, and 4 hours with a National Geographic Photographer! Maybe that will inspire me to get in gear and get ready to go!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


OK, so I'm a new blogger with only 15 followers and my Niece has many! But I still wonder how, we can do a similar blog with my water pictures and she gets many comments and I get 1?

Yes, it is summer and we are all busy, wow do I know about being behind on reading my friends blogs. But, I do try to go back and catch up. Just wondered it others do that.

I know that Stephanie is a much better writer than I am, but I'm going to link her post and re link my post just so you can see what this amazing camera can do!

Stephanie's Blog.

My Blog.

So check them out!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling GREEN? A to Z photo letter G

Just so happens that my daughter's favorite color is green. She convinced me to paint part of her bath area green this past week while re-doing her room! So what better picture for the letter G than a picture of the Green Walls? I was mortified at first, but the green is growing on me!

Visit Andre's site for some awesome photos.



Well, 4th of July in OKC fireworks were rained out. That meant we couldn't do sparklers either. So, everything we had planned for the evening of the 4th got postponed until the 5th. That is except for the big firework display put on by the city. That was delayed a full week. Stephanie my niece blogged about the delayed show that we missed!

Here are the kids having fun with the sparklers that I brought!

It is raining, so I have a reprieve from sanding furniture! Thought I'd get caught up on some blogs!

Happy Tuesday,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Painting, painting, and more painting!

Howdy y'all! Well, I've learned at least one thing this past week, don't paint a room/bath area 4 colors, you spend all your time cleaning brushes and rollers!!!!!!!!

Amelia decided that she wanted her room Pink and Brown, OK, her comforter is that color combo. That will work. But then she wanted to throw in LIME GREEN, her favorite color!! Oh no, what would Kevin say? How about a few accent items? I strongly suggested to my daughter, curtains, bathroom sink stuff in green? NO, was the resounding result I received! Not wanting to be an unreasonable Mom, we looked at paint colors. She picked a pretty green. OK, how about just a little in your bath area? That she was happy with. Then over 4th of July, my niece offers me a gallon of leftover blue from her recent redo of her daughter's room!!! Oh, Amelia was excited now. She was going to have the same color as her cousins! Which brings me to my original statement, don't paint with 4 colors!!!! Not when you are trying to get a room done in 1 week before company!

Also, I suggest not painting over wallpaper! After having to prime it all with OIL paint, I HATE oil paint, it would have been worth my time to tear it all down. NO, it wouldn't have required a steamer! So, look below and see all the fun I've been having and why I've been MIA!

Semi before picture! Some of the furniture has been removed, but you can see the wallpaper!

This picture is a little out of order! Doing the green in the bath area. Wall behind me is primed.

Rolling the 1st coat of brown. Amelia did the pink!


Cutting in!

The blue and green. The kids have a Pullman bath, so each has a vanity in their room! The green is growing on me!

When I walk into Amelia's room now, I feel like a Neapolitan ice cream!

Found a shower curtain with the correct colors deeply discounted, covered her bulletin board, and have enough fabric to make some throw pillows!

Just love the fact that Hobby Lobby had items to match our colors at %50 off!

Amelia has gone from a baby girls room to a Teeny Bopper's in 1 week! Now to finish sanding the furniture and spray painting and get everything else up on the walls. The curtains look FAB! I'll have to get a picture of them.

I'll be working on stuff, if I don't get put on a Jury Wednesday!! Yikes!