Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Over Haulin!

Sorry, these photos are kind of backwards, but I'm too tired to mess with it!

The bar cabinets and several of the doorways are wood in the house. Kevin gives them new life by re-varnishing them! They look new!!!!!!!!

I wish the photo could show the hint of color and the glitter. This is over the walls that we took wall paper off of, Kevin spackled, and then I painted. By mixing in this paint glitter it gives the wall texture! It glistens ever so slightly when the light hits it.

This is for the above and below photo!! Above is the 'finished' metallic mirror blue color. It really needs a 2nd coat, but it will have to wait!(explain later)
Below is the base coat! Yes, I'm strange, but the metallic paint really is neat. You paint on the base color, then use a roller for metallic paint. The top coat has very little color and you get this neat shiny finish. I love it!!! The base coat was my first coat, then Kevin decided to spackle the wall! Then family came, then illness, and now, I have a big Halloween Party in 3 days to get ready for. 2nd coat will wait for now.

The front door, I like the posts silver! How about you?

Stephanie and I paint the front porch posts. Don't come visit me right now, I'll put you to work!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc spackles the wall! Oh, and see that ugly wallpaper in the dining room in the background?? That will be the next project! But it may have to wait until Jan. I have a job starting next week! Yep, a real job in a ladies clothing store!

The wallpaper comes tumbling down! Ashley, Kelly, and Mackenzie help me RIP wallpaper of all of the walls. The hall didn't seem that big!

So, this is almost finished, the dining room and guest bath will have to wait until the 1st of the year. I'm to the sanding stage on AJ's desk, but the weather has turned cold and there isn't any room in my garage. Alas, the shed isn't finished either, Kevin works too much. Bills really do put a damper on life!

Enjoy the Week, and Happy Halloween friends.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Am I Healthy Again???

I tell you, I just can't win. Pneumonia!!!!! I have spent the last week in bed coughing my lungs out and wrasling with a fever of up to 103*!!!!!!!!!! I tired of this SH _ _. On top that Kevin has H1N1 and he is still working!

I can't get pictures on my computer, it is barely running. I have great pics to share, but must wait until Kev has his Imac home long enough for me to use.

So, I have pictures of painting, stripping, (furniture), and cousins. But those will wait til another day!

Hope all my bloggy friends are well, I miss you dearly and think of you all even when I'm not posting. Hugs, to you all.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Did It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My niece, Stephanie, texted me Tuesday. Their Fall Break camping trip fell apart. Were we busy? No, come on down!!! OK, but DON'T tell anyone were my orders!

I did warn her that I'm in the middle of painting, this she knows because we text everyday! She offered to help!

As it happened, AJ had early dismissal from school, noon, and Amelia - 12:40. If Stephanie and the girls wanted to get here to really surprise them they would have to leave EARLY!

Well, we did it! AJ sort of overheard me talking to a friend at PTA Thursday night, he was a little suspicious, but Amelia squealed, screamed, and hollered with delight as she pick up her cousins and swung them around in circles!!! The robotics team was totally confused!

Our neighbor, Ashley, was shocked when the doorbell rang, and there was Stephanie. Ashley started crying. Yes, they are close! My oldest Chris was surprised when he called me and Stephanie answered the phone!

So, we proved we can keep a secret! Very difficult to pull off, not to publish anything on facebook, and not to 'slip'!!!! But it was fun to surprise the kids!!!!

Having a fun filled busy weekend.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Corn Maize Critters

As promised, pictures of the petting zoo from the Corn Maize. I don't think I've ever seen a pig thatbig!

The kids really enjoyed feeding all these critters.

Don't forget to check out Camera Critter Blog that has lots of cute animal blogs!


Monday, October 12, 2009

The Corn Maize

Today was Kevin's first Saturday off in a month! We decided not to work on the shed, not to paint, nor did we clean house! Instead we had a family fun day ;) Plus a few friends, always makes it more fun.

We went to the local Corn Maize. This has become a fall tradition in the last 4 or 5 years and the kids love it. I just wish we could get some nice sunny weather!!! Anyway, here is a look at the fun we had on Saturday.

Kevin & Chris in back. AJ, Alyssa, Amelia, Mackenzie, Ashley, and Taylor in front of Amelia!

A bunch of funny faces!

The 'race' is on!!!!!

The Corn Cannon, the targets, big 12 signs! AJ hit OU right off and got a free candy!! Sorry Stephanie!

There were an array of animals to pet and feed, but that will be another blog!!

The highlight of the day for Amelia and our friend's daughters was the helicopter ride! AJ refused to go! Guess he likes the airplane. Anyway, one of friends, saw that one coming didn't you(?), owns a helicopter. To help pay for this toy he does rides for a small fee!! Amelia and the girls got a big treat thanks to Kevin and pilot Wally! The girls live very close to the maize and the airport so Wally got permission from Lubbock control tower to fly them over their home! Alyssa wants to be a pilot when she grows up! We are doing all we can from our standpoint to encourage her. I think her grin says it all!

So, how was your weekend?


Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm a Glutton for Punishment!

You know that snowball effect I talked about? It keeps building!!! Now that the front porch is finished, the inside front door frame needs to be finished. New door isn't as big! Old molding doesn't exactly fit. I never liked the wallpaper in the front hall and I've HATED the wallpaper in the dining room for the 15 years that we have lived here. Do you see where this is going??

That's right. I've been pulling wall paper down out of the front hall and scraping glue/the back of paper off the walls! Have the primer, got the paint and soon I will be painting, like um, today after the Corn Maize!

The textured wall paper is down. All that rough edge around the door is still there and the 2x4 frame to fill the gap is covered with sheet rock! I have to paint and decide how we are framing the door!
Oh, and lest you think me TOTALLY crazy, I DID resign from 2 PTA board positions!!! Kevin really thought I could handle it all, but when I spent 10 days in bed I said enough!

Hope someone out there is enjoying a relaxing weekend!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Fishing Kitties

Camera Critters has lots of neat links to pictures.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Its all in the Eye of the Beholder!

Rope lights for night time jumping, not too late of course!!

News flash! The neighbor, yes, the stinky one thinks the trampoline is UGLY!!! She went around the neighborhood with a petition to see if she could make us move it!!!! Good gravy lady, get a life!

OK, here is a picture, you be the judge. Is it UGLY??? I won't be upset or hurt. I won't dislike you if you agree with her. I won't ignore your blog!!! I say, careful what you wish for ~ she didn't like the shed. We OFFERED to lower the roof line, but NO, she wanted it moved. WE moved it. The only place left for the trampoline was this spot!

So, what do you think? Vote now!


I'm back! Kind OF!

My computer finally died. Kev took it and worked on rebuilding it. New hard drive, reload the trend micro, and started reloading the programs I use! Last I heard it was 80% complete! Need to reload a bunch of programs!

Kevin is home for half a day, I'm using his!!!

Life has been CRAZY. Mom is out of rehab on the 2nd broken hip, refuses to come stay with me for even a short while.

Now, remember that HAIL storm I won't let you forget from last April???? The roof led to chimney repair, which led to gutters, which led to porch repair which meant redo- it was completely rotted out!!!

Here has been my life the last week. The week before I was ill, and before that I was running back and forth to the hospital!

Rain and hail rotted the side walls of the old porch. The roofers had to replace the metal on top of the arch of the roof! They had already started ripping out!

We replaced wood with bricks!

The arch needed support, the double door was a fake!

This will be the new door!

Trying to get the old door out!

There's a big hole in the front of my house!!!!!!!!!!

More holes! The brick man repairs cracks in the house, all this work is going on at the same time! It was a three ring circus!


Masking off for painting.

Time for Paint

more gutters!

But, I think the end RESULT was worth it!!!!

Tell me, what do you think? I take criticism well! Now, to paint the front entry hall, and get the inside of the door jams finished! The snowball effect just keeps going!!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today is Thursday, Oct 1st! Where has the year gone? However, my point is that I'm waiting on contractors. It is 10:13 am they are usually here at 9. I have to go walk Mom's dog, go to 2 meetings, get notebooks to the lady taking over the position I resigned from, and I'm stuck waiting!!!!!

Hello men, I have a life!!! I don't sit home all day eating bon bons and watching TV!

I'm frustrated!!! Ugh, just had to share with my friends. Oh well, on the bright side, Kevin did manage a good deal and the contractors are painting the rest of the house :)))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it Friday???