Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Funks Got Funked at Grand Funk Concert!!

Did you follow that?!? I was able to go by and see my favorite DJ, Landon King, from
Kool 98 radio station and receive FREE tickets to Grand Funk Railroad concert! Kool 98 brought Grand Funk into Lubbock to perform at the Fair. The concert was AWESOME!!! You know Grand Funk Railroad is "An American Band"

Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures, it was open seating at the fair grounds and we were in the rafters! But with my zoom lens, I got some decent shots. Remember, I do NOT own photoshop!

Have you ever seen Grand Funk Railroad in concert? This was my first heavy metal band to see! It was very loud! I've seen the Beach Boys, and Chicago, Barry Manilow, and of course Neil Diamond! GFR is nothing like any of them! Amelia and AJ weren't to sure what to make of them. I think Amelia had a good time, but she is like me, she will dance in her seat :-) I think it was good for the kids to experience a little variety. GFR is really good, if you get a chance, go see them!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chef Mickey's

Character meals are one of the most enjoyable ways to eat at Walt Disney World. There are numerous options to choose from, you can eat with princesses, you can eat with Pooh Bear and friends, you can eat at the Royal table in Cinderella's Castle, but I think my favorite is Chef Mickey's. Now granted, I have not done all of them, and they change up. Currently, I can't find any available at Hollywood Studios, when Amelia was a baby, we had an awesome breakfast there (it was MGM). Characters will change up, like at Grand Floridian, 1900 Park Fare, the characters are switched up between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Anyway, Chef Mickey's is almost guaranteed Minnnie and Goofy will be pal-ing around with Mickey. There is usually another friend. We usually do breakfast, it is buffet style, all you can eat, and the food is always amazing. Something for everyone. The Characters come to your table and you get to have pictures with them, get autographs if you want. Here at this restaurant, they do a song, and you twirl your napkins in the air. Some places make the kids go around in a parade!

Here are pictures from our breakfast with Mickey and pals!

Chef Mickey's is located in the Contemporary resort.

Donald was here today!

Mickey likes Amelia's ears!

Conrad had another birthday celebration!

Goofy wishes Conrad happy birthday.

Goofy and Ashley.

Donna and Conrad really like Goofy!

So when going to WDW, plan out ahead of time which character meal you want to do. If you go to the main Disney web site you can see all the character dining they have.
Click here and take a look. You can make Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) 120 days before your trip. I highly suggest that you do so. During peak times it is very difficult to get into some of the places.

So, if you have done a character meal, what is your favorite? What ones have you tried? Share with us and tell us!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He's Older, for the Moment!

As you can tell this is 12 years old!

September 21st, its the day I get to say that I'm younger than my hubby! Because today and for 3 months more, he will be older than me!!!

Well, I'm just kidding, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEV, I love you, you know that!! In fact, I interrupted Disney blogs to wish you a happy day!

I don't have baby pictures scanned in, I can't embarrass him very much, I can only show a few pictures from over the years. Guess I need to get busy scanning pics and get a huge external hard drive!

Happy 51st Birthday Sweetie, Love ya!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Animal Kingdom!

I have always loved animals, when I was little Mom & Dad thought I would be a Vet! So it stands to reason that I really like Animal Kingdom at WDW. My favorite ride is the Safari ride. We also like Everest, and Dinosaur. If we are in the mood to get wet, Kali River Rapid ride is fun, but if I don't want to get wet, I pass on that!

The walking trails to view animals are also amazing. Depending on how much time you want to spend and how much your feet will stand up to there are a lot of animals you can see.

A black rhino!



This is a baobab tree! 


Love the elephants!

Looks like Pumba was worn out!

Amelia and AJ on the Safari.

Zach tries the drums!

The walking vine.  How would you like to be in this get up all day long?!?

Conrad and Donna with Baloo and King Louie!


Some drummers making lovely music that we wanted to dance to.

On the way into Dino...

Some of the ride pictures are so funny!

I finally got my Turkey leg!  Took all week, but I finally got it.  Just hadn't been hungry enough when we were around them in the other parks!

This display of cameras in the gift shop where Everest exits got my attention.  I have a small camera collection.

This is what it looks like when you ride Everest!

Again, the ride pics can be funny.  If Disney would incorporate the ride pics into the Photopass, I would be so happy.  I've been told that due to contracts, that is 5 years out.  Boo!!!

First time I've ever seen Thumper!  I think Thumper's wife is Petunia!  But I haven't looked this up, I'm really trying my memory!

Conrad got his pic too!

Do you like Animal Kingdom? What is your favorite? Do tell!