Thursday, April 30, 2009

100th Blog!!!!

Wow, I'm shocked. When Stephanie finally convinced me to start blogging back in January, I didn't really know it would be so addicting! It really has become a therapy. Surprisingly, this is my 100th blog! I've been told I have to do something really special ~ like 100 things about me, 100 pictures, or some such nonsense!

Well, I guess I'll do 100 things about me, with a few pictures thrown in here and there!

1. I love my husband, Kevin!

2. I'm 48, I've known Kevin for 26 years!

3. I have 3 sons!

4. I have 1 daughter!

5. I love to take pictures

6. I love to scrapbook~ these are completed scrapbooks!

7. I love dolphins.

8. I love Neil Diamond's Musical talent, his voice is amazing.

9. I love Walt Disney World!!!

10. I have been to Walt Disney World 10 times.

11. I collect pins/buttons.

12. I love animals.

13. I helped my husband build an airplane that really flies!

14. I'm a mom, I drive a Van!

15. I wish I was Samantha and could twitch my nose! I just love Sam!!

16. I love Star Wars!

17. I love Stargate SG 1.

18. I like Dr. Who,the show is good and he is really cute!

19. I like Torchwood, hope there is a 3rd season that I can purchase on DVD!

20. I like Disney movies and own most of them!

21. Apparently, I have 269 framed pictures in my bedroom! The neighbor girl was bored one day and counted them!!!!

22. I used to be very shy.

23. I'm very outgoing now!

24. One of my favorite colors is Blue.

25. My favorite Disney character is Tigger.

26. I love jewelry, silver looks better on me than gold, and diamonds aren't required! I like dolphin, airplane, turquoise, & unique jewelry!

27. I'm a bargain shopper, I seldom purchase things unless they are on sale!

28. Traded a totally unpronounceable name in for a short funny name when I married!

29. I love going to garage/estate sales. I don't like getting ready for them near as much, but I do like making money!

30. I love to fly.

31. Have only been out of the country 2 times! The Bahamas and Mexico. Mexico never again!!!

32. Have faced death.

33. Have let the kids have almost every kind of pet- chickens, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, fish, dogs, cats.

34. Turquoise is my birthstone. Love it!!!

35. I have fibromyalgia.

36. I was born in Chicago, IL and raised there and the suburbs.

37. I have lived in Stillwater, OK

38. I have lived in Tulsa, OK

39. I have lived in Eufaula, OK

40. I have lived in Beaver, OK

41. I live in Lubbock, TX

42. I had my picture on the front page of the Sunday Oklahoman (newspaper) throwing a Cowchip!!

43. I have been on TV.

44. I have met Jane Pauley.

45. I have met Shelly Long.

46. I have met George Peppard.

47. I have met Warwick Davis. He played Wicket!

48. I have met Amy Allen - Star Wars! She played Aayla Secura.

49. I have met Richard M. Nixon

50. I have met Patricia Nixon

51. I have met Julie Nixon

52. I have met Tricia Nixon

53. The Nixon family called me little Miss Press, I was 7 yrs old, dad was with NBC!

54. I have been KISSED by Neil Diamond!!!!!!!

55. On average I run about 8 loads of laundry a week! And I clean my own house!

56. I own 4 cameras!

57. I have a small camera collection.

58. I like to collect things!

59. In 16 years at the same elementary school, I have put in close to a 1000 volunteer hours!

60. Come August, I will have 4 kids in 4 schools, 2nd time! Last time was 2003!!

61. My Daughter Amelia looks just like me!!!

62. I'm a pack rat and find it difficult to part with things, as is my husband and kids, oh help!!!!

63. I despise cleaning bathrooms!

64. I have swam with dolphins 2 times, once in the Fl. Keys, once in Mexico. I would do it 100 more times if not so expensive!!! It is glorious!!!!

65. I like MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson was cute and got better with age!!

66. I worked for my husband on and off over the years in his office as slave labor!

67. I've sat on the roof, looking at the stars listening to Neil Diamond drinking Wine!

68. I like War movies.

69. I like westerns.

70. In H.S. I took Aviation Courses!

71. My College degree, from OSU is Aviation Management!

72. I live in the South now so I don't have to shovel snow like in the Chicago blizzard of 1979!!!

73. I like Sci-Fi action adventure movies, ie Terminator!

74.I got to fly a glider in high school!

75. I've been to the Grand Canyon and seen it from the ground and Kev and I flew the Cozy over it. What a view!!!

76. I spent my 20th anniversary in Hawaii!!!!

77. I got to go Zipcording in HA! Much prettier than our front yard!! This is a picture of Kevin doing the zipcord, he wouldn't take pics of me, his fear of heights!

78. I got to go to Pearl Harbor.

79. Went to Hanilei, the place where Puff the Magic Dragon is from!!

80. Have flown the Cozy with Kevin over the Bahama Islands, such a beautiful sight.

81. My first camping experience was at Sun & Fun fly in at Lakeland, FL at the airport!!

82. I would like to go up in a hot air balloon some day!

83. Have flown the Cozy to and over Niagara Falls, NY. WOW!

84. Circled the Statue the of Liberty at 132' above the torch 3 times! Great way to see the Statue and downtown Hudson River!

85. We have circled the St. Louis Arch many times in the Cozy, but never through it!

86. We were able to land the Cozy at Meigs Field, Chicago, IL BEFORE Mayor Daley Destroyed it. It was the airport on the lakefront, right next to the Planetarium.

87. I have been to Washington, DC 3 times. Awesome place to visit for our history.

88. I have been to NYC 2 times.

89. I've seen Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.

90. I've seen Lion King on Broadway.

91. I'm a night owl, always have been and always will be!

92. My husband knows me inside out - he assisted on my appendectomy and delivered our 2nd son, Tyler!!!!

93. I'm a winter in my complexion, I have natural grey hightlights, but still prefer to color my hair!

94. I don't like to work out, but will.

95. I HATE Lima beans!!!!!

96. I hate sauerkraut! I won't kiss Kevin when he eats it!!!

97. I like steak Tartar!

98. I'll eat calamari!

99. I have tried sushi, and don't care for it.

100. I'm not the typical, snobby Doctor's wife, and proud of that fact!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give Away

Visit Leelou Blogs and see her stuff! They have a giveaway going on, and it is where I get my background designs!!

The giveaways start today and will run for a week-until May 6th.

Go to:

Give her awesome site a browse.


Attitude of Gratitude

Wow am I honored! I started this blog because my niece wanted to be able to keep up with our family easier!!! She has been doing a blog for years and I started reading hers. I love her writing ability but fear I won't ever have her talent.

Here it is 3 months later and I have friends around the world! Truly remarkable.

So, with the award, I'm suppose to award it to 10 fellow bloggers, list them in my post and tell them they have an award!!
The Rules:

1. Put the logo on the your blog.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude.

3. Link to your nominees within your post

4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award.

5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude.

Here we go, in no particular order!!

Momshiway- I think this is one of my friends here in Lubbock! She is a home schooler, a very sweet young woman, and has a heart of gold. Besides doing foster child care she has been a teacher and loves Disney too! Give her blog a view.

Middleageramblings- Miss Peg over in Australia is a wonderful photographer, part philosopher, and a great online friend. Her blog makes me think, gives me a laugh, and keeps me in awe with her photography. She always has a kind word.

thedisneydrivenlife- J.L. is a NDM - neurotic Disney Mom!!! Her writing ability amazes me. She and my niece have a gift I never will. We share a love for Disney and JL also home schools her 2 youngsters. This blog is quite entertaining, go check it out.

betweenthesheets- This is a mom of twins that I know her husband. My Husband works for her husband's company! Anyway, the twins keep Kara very busy, and she has adorable pictures of them on her blog. Check it out.

ameliabedilia - I had to check out this blog because of my daughters name! Amy is the mom of 3 and lives in a small town. I can relate to her very much! I have lived in a very small town, and I have 3 boys and 1 girl! Her blog is fun!

adayinthelifeofacrazedmom - Most of you know by now this my niece! She is responsible for this blog! Stop by her blog, her writing is amazing. You'll get great recipes, see home improvement projects, and see how she keeps up with 3 adorable girls that are active in voice, piano, and dance!

Coachblogger - Here is a single dad raising 3 precious girls and he finds time to blog! He has a massive following, coaches football and is a good writer. Stop by and check out his post.

Itsadisneyworldafterall -Rikki does this blog about news and rumors concerning all things Disney. So, if you are planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom or want to know whats new at the world, look up this blog. She also has a podcast!

theyoungfamilysblog - Tiffany is one of my fellow room moms with 2 boys at the school and going to school full time herself. Talk about busy! Just found out shes expecting!!!! Stop by her blog and say hello.

thoughtsbydena - I'm going to give back the award to Dena because she is sweet and puts so much effort into her blog. I always get a laugh or learn something! Thanks to Dena for the award in the first place!!

Sallysworld - Sally also gave me this award! She is another caring AWESOME mom. I'm amazed by her blog. She has done so much and is going thru so much. Sally is helping to educate the world about certain medical conditions or she has a good laugh for you. Stop by and check it out. Thank you Sally for the award, I love Sally's blog!

I think that is 10, maybe more, I'm not counting!!!

The old saying goes - when life gives you lemons make lemonade! I believe that this is what this award is about. If you don't have hard times you can't appreciate the good times!

Of course I'm grateful to be a mom to 4 wonderful kids. They are my world, everything, it is why we work so hard.

But I feel compelled to tell you a little background about us that will show you just how grateful Kevin and I are about many things. Yes, Kevin is a doctor, but life is not easy. Having your own practice means that there is a lot of expense and debt. Family Physicians don't get paid the same as say a dermatologist, or cardiologist! Insurance companies are making it harder for doctors to survive. In 2007 I became deathly ill. Yes, I almost died. Instead of going bankrupt, we decided to close the clinic. I couldn't work 70+ hours a week and Kevin couldn't believe how little we were being paid. He got to really see what the bills were and how much overhead was. For the past 2 years Kevin has been working in the ER's and we have been continuing to pay off business debt incurred from the previous 4 years. Yes, we are grateful to be out from under that burden, we are grateful that he has the ability to work and make a living where we can pay off that debt, and grateful that someday we will be out of debt!

We have learned from the school of hard knocks. The computer system crashing and loosing all data for 6 months and $175,000 in accounts receivable did not help. Having employees lie, cheat, and steal from us did not help. But we are still grateful.

I try to bring a little humor to my blog and some helpful information. It amazes me that anyone would want to read what I write!!

Anyway, Thanks again to Sally and Dena, my online blog friends.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy Day

Hello Friends ~
Please think of me tomorrow, Wednesday, when I'm going totally insane! At 10AM I get this blasted fractured tooth taken care of. The doctor is discharging Mom from rehab, no more therapy for the hip. Mom is refusing skilled nursing. They informed I should have her picked up and moved by noon. HA! Well, I don't think that is possible, I explained. Social worker calls back, permission to stay until 2PM!! OH good. And I pick my kids up from school at 3!!!

What about a transport service, like how she got to your hospital??? You can pay out of pocket, about $200 and they will take her to her home!!! Gee thanks! Wonderful system we have here!

I just want to crawl back under the covers and not come out! After I get Mom home, I will have to go to the grocery store after I get her list. Mom thinks she can drive, the doctor hasn't told her she can't. Hello!!!!! Broken hip, 2 weeks post OP and no driving restrictions???? When I had babies I couldn't drive for 4 weeks!

Lord, I need patience, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cozy's Home!!!!

Yippee! The airplane is back home in Lubbock. Let me digress a bit.

Last November, the starter went out, Kevin strained his back trying to get the plane moved into the hangar the wrong way by himself. He ordered a new starter. When it came in, he or course was out of town. I drove it to him because he was scheduled to go back to Portales, NM and would have 36 hours off between shifts to put the plane back together. Enter fate. That night he had his first heart attack. The airplane has been in New Mexico since November! We have been paying hangar rent their and here!!

In February, Kevin was able to get the starter back in the airplane. However, since he is not legal to fly, we had to find a pilot friend to legally fly the Cozy with Kevin back to Lubbock. This also meant finding someone to get them the 2 hours out to Portales!!

Well, praise be. Friends Mike and Joyce helped Kevin yesterday, Saturday. They drove to NM, and Joyce flew the Cozy back with Kevin. Seeing as I have been rather busy with Mom, kids, and everything else, not having to drive for 4 hours was a big load off me!

The only glitch in this wonderful plan you might ask? When Kev got to the hangar with the Cozy, he discovered that the lock finally locked! Mike was driving Kev's car back with the key to the hangar! Being the good wife I am, LOL now, I drove out to the airport with MY key and we parked the plane. However, Kevin was so quick, I didn't get a picture! So, the above picture is an old one, sorry!

Anyway, it is a happy day, the Cozy is back home where it belongs!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Mousing it Up - Mickey Style!

Can you tell we've been married almost 24 yrs? We tend to match without trying!!!Well my white pants were in the laundry. I got up and got dressed and low and behold Kevin put on his 'hidden' Mickey shirt! When my friends commented that we were mousing it up, I said, well then here take our picture!

You can't tell but I have on Mickey earrings, a Mickey necklace, and my cell phone holder has Mickey on it! Yes, I love the Mouse!!!

Have a Magical day!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hail Damage - OH BOY!!!

The insurance adjuster came today, yes, Sunday!!!! Remember that hail storm I blogged about? The flood waters? The carpet cleaning? That was just the beginning!!!

We are going to be getting a new roof, new gutters, and new storage trunk on the porch. Then, when I was cleaning, I found damage in AJ's room, the roof leaked, and water came in and made a spot in the ceiling and ruined the texture and drywall! So..... AJ will be getting his room re-done. The bad spot will be repaired, which will involve tearing up wall paper and border. This also means the entire ceiling will have to be repainted and textured!!! As well as wall paper redone and border redone. The paper and border are 11 yrs old, don't think I can still find that same one!!

The ceiling in the sun room now game room will also be repainted!! There was a small leak around a light fixture!

Just when I thought my life couldn't get any more complicated! IF any of this begins before June 1 I may loose my sanity and you will have to look me up at a local asylum!



Warm sunny weather means sandals which means I needed a pedicure. Since Kevin had a few days off after the stress test, we've been running errands together! Kevin's toenails are starting to become ingrown and thick, a sign of aging :( Very difficult to cut, so with a lot of talking, I persuaded Kevin to come with me and enjoy a pedicure MINUS the polish!!!!

I couldn't resist, I had to take pictures. He was concerned that there would be other women there, but he was very happy that I was correct when I said, I go early and the place is empty!!!

Kevin did like the massage part of the pedicure, wish we could afford one of these babies!

Anyway, he survived his first pedicure!! He may even understand why I get 2 a summer!!!

Yeah, for warmer weather!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lost Crown

I'm in PAIN. Last night, yes Friday, I lost a crown while eating steak!!!! Luckily our neighbors across the street have a dentist in the family and we know him. Dr. Charlie came to the house, and said he would see me in his office this morning to Xray the tooth.

BAD news. When I do something, I do it up right!!! My tooth is fractured - the root is in thirds. This tooth had a root canal 10 years ago, ugh. So, I'm on pain pills, woo hoo, until Wednesday when Dr. Charlie can take the tooth out.

Mom is going to be discharged from the rehab hospital on Wed. and at this point is refusing to go to a skilled nursing facility. Oh boy, can life get any more exciting?

Just hope the 'hole' heals in a week before the 'lovely' 5th grade trip to Carlsbad, NM, for the Caverns, Petroglyphs, dude ranch, and to Roswell for the Alien Museum!!!

On the bright side, I might loose some weight from not being able to eat!!!



Thursday I did something I haven't done in a L-O-N-G time. I went shoe shopping!! Kevin bought me a beautiful dress for Tyler's graduation coming up in May and recognition for Amelia and AJ! So naturally I needed shoes!! I also needed shoes for Amelia's new dress and we happen to wear the same size shoe!

The picture above shows the 3 pair of shoes I bought for myself, Amelia's shoes are NOT pictured. 4 pairs of shoes for $111.00!!!!!!!!! Do I know how to shop??? The clearance room at DSW shoes is amazing! This store is new for Lubbock and I love it!

Now, back in HS and college I was a shoe freak. But for the last 7 years I have lived in white sneakers. Working in the office, filling in for the nurse, and wearing scrubs we wore sneakers! After having a heal spur blasted back in 2003, I have steered clear of heals. But, I decided to be daring and go outside my norm. I wore these new possible shoes around the store for 30 minutes!! They really felt pretty good. I guess come May 29th we will find out!

Today, I wore the black wedges all around town doing all my errands and my feet never bothered me!

As Gracie Hart said in 'Miss Congeniality' The Heals do Something for My Posture!!


Friday, April 24, 2009


Do you hate grocery shopping as much as I do? It is one of the chores as a Mom that I despise!

I was thrilled last summer when a young man came to my door selling meat! Wow, was Kevin skeptical. I had to call this man's references, fortunately, several other doctors that we know buy from him! Well, the meat was certified, and good quality. It was also a dang good deal. I got steaks, and chicken fillets most of them preseasoned.

I have bought 2 times more from him and have been pleased every time.

So, why blog about this now. Well, he rang my bell again, he senses when I'm running low on meat!! This is what my freezer looks like now!!! My kitchen freezer is stuffed with veggies and the garage fridge/freezer has the overflow! Looks like I'll just have to shop for a few staples here and there, YIPPEE!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dryer Insides!!

Why is my dryer apart you ask??? It has been squealing like a stuffed pig for a over a week now!!! Luckily we have the sears maintenance agreement on the washer and dryer. The repairman finally made it out here today. Unfortunately, parts have to be ordered.

But, I thought I'd get pictures as long as it was apart! Sorry, I don't have photo shop to draw cool little arrows!! The front edge, see the little holes?? the rectangles buy them, those are bearings that have worn out! That is one possible cause for the squealing!

The dryer drum on my laundry room floor!

The center of the drum goes into the center hole on the back wall. The repairman put grease in there, that is another possible cause of the squeal!! Time will tell after the parts come in and everything is disassembled again and re-assembled!

Oh the life of us SAHM's!!! How was your day?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We are dog sitting. Mom is in rehab for her broken hip so Elke is staying with us.
This picture is of her wanting in while the carpet cleaners were here!!

Anyway, today was beautiful. 75* at 10am!! So, we decided to walk the dog and get some exercise. All was going great until.............

The curb popped up and 'bit' me! I twisted my ankle, fell onto my L knee and hip!!

My leg looks like I'm 5 yrs old again. Sigh!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lunch Bunch!

This has been a really rough school year. I don't think I would have made it without the support of 1. my husband and 2. my girl friends!! We started going to lunch on Thursday's back in September and somehow have managed to continue it most of the school year. Not everyone makes every week, but when we have all of us we have a rockin good time!!!

It is amazing how much a bunch of ladies can get done, planned out, and organized when sitting around a lunch table talking for a couple of hours. Gosh, we could almost solve the world's problems, given a chance!!!!

So, here are a few pictures of the lunch bunch!

Lisa, Donna, son Tyler, Kathy, Connie, Me, Kim

Starting with me in pink and my back! Kim, Lisa, Donna, Tyler, Kathy, Connie!!

This was the 1st time Tyler was able to join us and only the 2nd time Kevin was able to! He was sweet and took the pictures!! Of course this time we were eating at my favorite place, On the Border!!!! However, we had to eat inside, and not on the patio, shucks!

Thanks to these awesome ladies, I have survived a very stressful school year, Kevin's heart attack, and now Mom's broken hip. These gals brought food to the house, bring my kids home me, and do other great things for a friend in need. They also came to the Halloween party with 40 4th and 5th grade kids running around and helped keep the chaos organized!!!

Here's a toast to the lunch bunch, my best friends!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Damage

Remember this??? In the midst of the 'lovely' hail storm the other night!

Here's a look at what hail can do!!! That circle in the hail up above was actually this hole. My trunk was only bought last summer!

Now, what we found really interesting, was this. The next morning, some 13 hours AFTER the hail storm, we still have hail piled up on the ground, just like snow!! Usually when we get hail, it melts within the hour!!! This just awed me!

Here are pictures of Kevin's poor Honda, I'm referring to it as a colander! Maybe not quite that bad, but you get the idea!

The roof of the Honda, the black trim is ruined.

The hood of the car.....

The black plastic trim by the wipers is ruined!

C'est La Vie!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Assessing the Damage

OK, we discovered at about 10PM that the garden drains did NOT drain and the 4" of hail let the pool of water start seeping into the the house!!! My den was soaked as-well-as part of my master bedroom!!

Can this night get any better?? Start in with moving the furniture, getting towels to sop up water, getting the fans, and the shop vac!! Are we having fun yet?? Friday morning I called the carpet cleaners. Luckily, I have used them in the past, I was pleasantly surprised when they told me they would come on Saturday!!

I thought I'd share pictures of my chaotic house today! I could barely walk through my kitchen, the front hall, and sun room with the furniture piled in it.

The front hall! Yes, the rug is suppose to be a runway!!!!

My Kitchen!!! You can't see the table, but the sofa, love seat, and table made it quite difficult navigate!

My empty den!! Where the furniture belongs!

It took 6 hours for the carpets to dry. But at least I shouldn't have to worry about mold. The living room, dining room, and den are clean!

The crazy thing - insurance. That is a four letter word!!!! Seepage is not covered, water damage from a damaged roof is covered, but not water seeping in!!

Guess the hail should have taken the roof off!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

1 Year!

I can't believe it, Tyler has been working at Office Max for 1 year!! Where is my life going??

He comes home tonight and hands me this little box. The outside is labeled, Tyler, 1 year. This is what I Find ~

A rubber band ball key chain!!!! With the Office Max name no less. I couldn't stop laughing. Then Tyler had fun with his Mac photo booth!

Boys and their toys!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its Not Snow!!

So, the saying, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change was proven once again today! It was a lovely day, sunny, quite breezy, and warm. Kevin and I 'chased' all day. Errand after errand. Mom's dog, Elke, loved being in the car with us! Kevin was shocked how much attention Elke received at the rehab hospital!!

Anyway, we no sooner finished picking up the kids and pulled into the garage when the thunder started. A few minutes later, lightning. A much needed rain we all thought. Well, we had a surprise in store, hail, Ping Pong to Golf Ball sized hail! This hail pummelled down a good 7 minutes. It stopped, and then restarted!

The kids were really scared, and I was glad that Kevin had the day off! I started taking pictures, because it looked like it had snowed. Except there was a river outside where the street belonged!

During the course of the evening we had 2 more rounds of this storm system, and my Weather Channel e-mail alert sent 18 notifications in 3 hours!!

Here are some of my pictures.

The back porch covered in hail, looking into the back yard.

My storage trunk to keep things like charcoal dry - see that round circle? Kevin informed me later that the hail made a hole in the top! The inside of the trunk is full of hail!!! We only bought the trunk June of last summer! Looks like we have a fiber glass patch job to do.

River Utica Drive!!! There is a street under there somewhere, I promise.

Hail collecting on Kevin's car windshield. He later inspected the car, 7 big dents found in the hood alone. OUCH! I know what we are doing in the morning, insurance company and body shop!

I'm just grateful that the tornadoes avoided us. I think it might be a long Spring. Wonder if we will end up getting a new roof? 4th one in 15 years!!! Hmm, Texas weather is rough~


Crazed LIfe

Hello Friends, I'm still around, but Mom's emergency surgery last week has taken me away from home. I had a few posts done up ahead of time, but I fear they are probably at an end!

We moved her from the hospital today to a rehab hospital so they can concentrate on P.T. The nice thing is that this new place is smaller, and I was able to get Elke, the dachshund, into see her. I think pet therapy is excellent and seeing her dog did wonders for her spirits.

The Sundowners Syndrome is showing itself, but may not be as bad as a year ago when she had her knee replaced. However, it is scary to see someone you love go all wacky and act totally demented.

Anyway, just wanted to let my faithful followers know, I am here, but I'm not!! I appreciate your e-mails and your prayers.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Hunt!

The weather in Lubbock at Easter time is unpredictable. This Easter was no exception! Thunder storms with lightening and down pours after midnight meant that the Easter Bunny had to hide eggs inside! The kids love this, but getting pictures is a challenge!

AJ moves really fast.

Amelia hunts and Kevin videos!

AJ flashes by!

Rascally Rabbit hid eggs on top of the ceiling fan!!!

Amelia and AJ scour the sofas!

The haul!!