Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Castaway Cay Playtime!

Disney's private island, Castaway Cay is a lot of fun. Wish we had had 2 days there. Well, like I have stated, this cruise was a learning experience.

So, did you spy the hidden Mickey? We made one out of the floats! It was AJ's idea! What can I say, it runs in the family!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vow Renewal on the Beach

Well, as I stated before the trip, I did NOT pay Disney $2,500.00 to renew my vows on the beach! I love Disney, but really! I did NOT want or need my dress pressed, a cake, a cake topper, a cake cutter, a golf cart ride, champagne and strawberries, and the list goes on!!! I can think of better ways of spending $2,500.00, like another cruise!!

Besides, all I really wanted was what the pictures below show! Enjoy :-)

Barefoot on the beach!

I had to do the Mickey's on my nails! They are stickers :-)

Captain AJ performs our ceremony! Kevin and I wrote our own vows and AJ read them for us! Amelia took pictures and Tyler videoed! Tyler greatly dislikes being in pictures!

The big finish! We are re-married!!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Splish Splash

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE dolphins. I grew up with Flipper. I still have a stuffed flipper, my bedspread is dolphins, my bedroom/bathroom is dolphins ~ dolphin border wallpaper, when we had the clinic I had an entire wall scape that was dolphins. Do you understand how much I love dolphins?!!!

The family with Missy, the dolphin. The kids enjoyed this.

Kissy kissy! One of the great things about swimming with dolphins, you get lots of love! This was my third time to get to swim with these magnificent creatures and I'd do it a hundred more times! It just keeps getting better!

What an anniversary treat!!

Dancing with the stars of the show!

Missy brought me an anniversary gift!

such a cutie!

Amelia and AJ dancing! The trainers said Amelia was the best dancer!

Tyler had a great time. He actually said the experience was 'awesome'! That is a lot for a an almost 20yr old to say!!

The best for last. This is what the water camera is for! This shot right here! My all time favorite shot, this one, the dolphin giving Tyler a wet kiss!! I LOVE this!
So at this point in time I don't care what that water camera cost, it was worth it's weight in gold!

I would like to thank Dolphin Encounter in Nassau, Bahamas. They did a great job and also allowed me to use my camera in the water. In the past other places have not allowed me to use a disposable water camera. We bought the video and love watching it.

If you are going to the Bahamas, you can contact Dolphin Encounter at 242/363-1003
Fax 242/363-4437

This was my favorite excursion :-)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Around the Ship!

Everything on the ship is themed, imagine that! The forward section of one deck is Route 66, oh the memories. Yes, I'm that old! Anyway, as most of you know, I was born and raised in Chi-Town. Sorry, Tim, I've called it that since I was 18, don't care if natives aren't suppose to, so, when we saw the carpet, Tyler insisted on taking this picture! Look Down

If you go hungry on a cruise it is YOUR fault! With places like Goofy's Galley, Pinocchio's Pizza, Pluto's Dogs, Beach Blanket Cafe, for quick service and then Parrot Cay, Triton's, and Animator's Palate for sit down dining food was plenty! Oh, and did I mention how good it was? Oh, it was sinful, especially the dessert, (slober) chocolate souffle (drool....!), amaretto mousse, the list goes on and on! Sorry! Excuse me, I think I need to go find something to eat!

Exploring the ship, stoping by one of the 3 pools.

The slide!

The kids main pool.

The sports deck where AJ lived. Soccer and B-ball were AJ's thing.

AJ and Kev try out ping pong! AJ wore Kevin out!

Walt's suite!

Next up? Swimming with dolphins :-)))


Friday, June 25, 2010

Palo Anniversary Dinner!

The first day of the cruise was our anniversary! We took the kids down to the dining room where we were suppose to eat, and introduced them to the waiter and assistant waiter. I had made reservations at Palo, the adult only dining room, Kev and I would have dinner later. The food was wonderful, everywhere on the ship,

With Goofy before dinner!

When the server found out it was our anniversary, this is what he brought to us with our dessert!

The service was great! The food was wonderful!


Thursday, June 24, 2010


So, (I love starting the blog like we are in the middle of a conversation!) we did a lot or research for this cruise! I did learn that you should book excursions through Disney, safer that way. Disney sends you a book of info and a date when everyone can start booking the excursions. Boy, do they sell out quickly!

Anyway, for Key West, they offered SNUBA, a cross between snorkel and SCUBA. This sold out quickly and I couldn't get all 5 of us. Tyler has a bad ear and probably couldn't have enjoyed this event. I didn't want to leave him on the ship alone. Kev really wanted to go SCUBA diving, but we never got certified, and I wasn't that 'in' to it. I booked Kev and the kids for this! I sent them with the water camera. Kev told the truth about his past medical history and wasn't allowed to do, so he only snorkeled :-(

Here are the pictures he took of the kids having fun!

Ready to go into the water. This is the raft they will be tethered to. They wear oxygen but have a cable instead of a tank! But, when you get 4 or 5 people on the same raft, when 3 of them go 1 direction, the rest of them go too!

Amelia and the hoses!

AJ in bubbles!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!!
Gotta love this underwater Camera....

Time to get out and head back to the ship! That was fun!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bon Voyage!

Happy Anniversary! Sporting our new DVC hats! (DVC = Disney Vacation Club)

The BIG BIG screen by Goofy's pool shows our route that we will be taking!

Kevin slipped a picture of Amelia and I during the party. We were getting down!

The characters give a going away party with all the frills!

During the party, the pool was covered up to make dance space! After wards the deck was retracted!

I couldn't resist a picture, I just loved the elevator indicator!!

When you ask for ketchup, you get it like this!

You know, I could get use to cruise life! Except I would weigh 600 pounds!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Aboard!

Disney has this down to a science. Getting your IDs checked, getting your Key to the world, having a member of the family park the car, easy smeasy! We arrived nice and early and we received boarding group 12! We got on the boat nice and early! Lunch and pool was the order of business. We had to kill 15 minutes until the stateroom would be ready. This cruise was a learning experience for a lot of things! But we had a blast!

The family with Goofy :-)

Oops!! No pics going through security!!!!

I loved the floor in the terminal while we were waiting to board. Dolphins are always a good omen!!

If I had the ability to put an arrow in the picture I could show you our cabin in the model!

Ready to get on board the Disney Wonder!

Our Stateroom. The sofa makes a bed, and there are 2 Murphy beds in the wall, one above the sofa and one in the far corner!

Looking out from the veranda!

It is looking like fun times ahead!