Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 Halloween Party!!

The Halloween party 2012 was a big success! I think we had between 65-70 people! We had a lot of first timeers this year. Makes since because Amelia started HS. I'm sure glad it is over though!!! We had zombies, Indian squaws, clowns, butterflies, spiders, pirates, Trekkies, hippie, Minnie Mouse, Potato Heads, and everyday people! But the important thing is, everyone had fun! Peopple roasted marshmallows and made S'mores, played Wii sports, did the Zip Cord, jumped on the Trampoline, and Danced to Just Dance ~ 1,2,3,4!!! And they ATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Appetizing isn't it?!?!

Mummy dogs and band aids!

 I promise you this is Sparkling Grape Juice!!

Lemonade punch

Mrs. Holman and Mrs. Hiracheta!
Kanqua and Pam!

Dear Ashley!!!!

Oh, Phillip!  You have to know him!!!
Courtney and I think Courtney!  we had 4 Courtneys here!
I didn't take pics!  Amelia was doing homework taking pictures.  I gave my other camera to Donna for the evening!

Tatum and Krista !
Krista and Ryan, Ryan is Alex's Twin!  Alex is Amelia's boyfriend!
Amelia and Alex ~ the Potato heads!
A group of our guests!
That is AJ!  And me!!

AJ and Xavier, Xavier was on the robotics team this year!
Alyssa and Auria!

Ryan, Krista, K's mom, Kim, K's sister, and little Billy!
ANother group of Kids!
Jaxyn, Amelia babysits Jaxyn, I think this is Courtney and Kim
AJ and a friend starting Lets Dance!!!
Zombie Seth, Tyler, Cassie, and Ashley!
Todd playing pool!
Courtney enjoying a marshmallow!

The boys seemed to enjoy Wii sports and games!

Ryan and Krista, Amelia and Alex, the boys are twins.  They like to go on double dates!  They are so cute!  They are all 15 :-)  Krista and Amelia have become such good friends. 

The Lemonade punch looks so cool with dry ice inside it!

Father and daughter!
Lets dance!
No, not fire, dry ice fog!!!

My husband really is a kid at heart!  He wanted to create an atmosphere for the kids!!!! Isn't that cool?

More friends arriving!  See the lady in Pink, on the Right??  That is Laura, my 31 rep!!!!  She is awesome!  The ones on the left are the Watson family, long time friends!
Trampoline fun!
Ashley and her Beau,  Jaron, aren't they cute?
I can't believe Zack got his face painted!
We made cool webs in the yard!

Donna never dressed up!  I 'made' her wear a 'costume'!  I gave her my apron and hat!  Someone said, 'you look like Carrie'!!!  On the L, is Mindy, Alex and Ryan's Mom.
Ashley and AJ decorated above the pool table!
Doc and Taelor!

So, if you live in Lubbock and didn't make the party, you really missed out!  It happens every year.  I tell everyone you need to come.  Next year I think Doc and I will have new costumes.  I just didn't have time this year! 

I want to thank everyone who helped me, Jessica last week with cooking, and Ashley too!  Mindy and Donna for coming over early, Tyler and Cassie and for running errands.  I can't do this alone and Doc has been out of town so much he hasn't been home to help.  He got the stairs for the trampoline built!  But I can't physically do all the work by myself.  Several people ask what we charge to get into the party.  We don't!  We do this for the kids.  If our kids have fun and our friends have fun then it is worth it.  So, if you came to the party and you had a good time, leave a shout out on here or on face book.  Let Doc know you had a good time and the party was worth it to us.

Happy Halloween


Halloween Party Prep 2012

Halloween may be the 31st but around here with kids in school, I have to plan my big Halloween Bash on a weekend! So last week I rounded up some help and cooked all week and then Saturday night the 26th we had a big Party!!! This year we had about 64 kids and adults! 

This is my pool table after going to Sams and Market Street!  Most of this got cooked for the party!

Another view!

The other side!

I saw on Pinterest where you could take your cookie dough and roll it and make slice and bake!  I tried it!  Mine needs works!!

Autume decorates a cookie!

Ashley, Autume, and Jessica decorating cookies!  Thanks for all the help!!!
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I'm sorry what the professional cookie ladies say, I love my SW cookie cutters!

For the cupcakes I used the can squirt frosting!  Made this a breeze!  I finally found the spray colors, yay!!!  So easy, the kids had a blast, especially AJ!  Never saw him so excited about frosting cupcakes!!  And our friend CJ too!

See what else you can do with a candy corn cutter?!?!

Even though my sister is in AZ, I had to have owl cookies!!  Whoo Hoot!!

Carmel Apple time!

I found Mega Dots, and decided I wanted to create Lego cakes!!!  I used mini loaf pans and we cut them down!!

Lego Cakes!!! 

I was going in 10 directions at once!
Brownies ready to go in oven!
Have you ever heard of a Kitty Litter cake?  You bake a cake.  Go to the dollar store, buy a NEW kittly litter box and scoop.  Put the cake in the box, frost it.  In a baggie, smash roughly Nilla wafers, die green.  We used a combo of regular food color and the new spray stuff.  After the cake is frosted in Vanilla, carefully smoother the wafers on the frosting.  Now, use Tootsie Rolls and Carmels and make kitty doody!!!  You may have to soften them slightly!

I can't seem to find a picture of the finished product. SORRRY!! Place a plastic Kitty or stuffed kitty on or near the cake for full effect!

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 Getting the tables ready for the party!

I must say I couldn't do this without a lot of help! I want to thank all my helpers!! THANKS TO ALL MY HELPERS!!! We made Chex Mix, monster munch, candy corn crunch, pretzel candy bites, then all the cookies, cupcakes, we did hotdog mummys, home made pizzas, I made my infamous chili, we did ranch dip, the guac, i did cool whip with crunched oreos and made it a graveyard! I took left overs to AJ's school on Monday for all the teachers to enjoy! They were surprised! So, next I'll show you the party!

 Happy Halloween,