Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!

All 4 of us had to sit with our noses in the corner! We weren't that misbehaved, were we?

Visit Camera Critters to see other pet pictures!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

In an effort to go Green, cities such as Buffalo, NY replaced city street lights with new LED bulbs. When the winter storms, ice, snow, etc came, the LED bulbs didn't produce any heat and the ice and snow were not melted. The government had to create special new jobs for people to go remove ice and snow from the new GREEN light bulbs!!!

In the ER, a woman presents with a thumb requiring stitches. When nurses inquire as to how this patient was injured she said she was hammering! Interesting, a straight line cut down the thumb requiring 8 stitches. Apparently the hammer wasn't nearby, she hammered the nail into the wall with a piece of glass!!!!!!!! Yes, Medicaid is picking up the bill.

Do we really want bigger government??

Just a thought.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Give Away!!!!!!

Vintage Pearl is doing another giveaway!

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Here Comes the Sun, Opps, SNOW!!!!!!

Growing up in Chicago you have 4 seasons. NOT in Lubbock! Yesterday it was 60*, today this! Now, just once, I'd like to have snow without torrential rain, freezing sleet, and ice! The roads are hazardous, the power is flickering but the weirdest thing is the THUNDER SNOW! That is right, Thundering while it is Snowing, the thunder lasted 2 minutes during that one burst.

Texas Tech University canceled classes at noon, but the public school didn't! All the parents were going to the schools and picking up kids early. My son had to take a test in the dark as the school had no power! I finally reached his teacher on her cell phone, the school switchboards were being over run! I picked the kids up at noon.

The snow is pretty, but I hate the cold. I left Chicago for this reason. Here is what it looks like!

We may not have any tree limbs or bushes left after this winter. However, the snow coming down is pretty.

Hope ya'll are safe and warm.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mac or Jack????

OK, so lets pretend for minute. Lets say you are in some life threatening situation and need to be rescued. Who do you want to rescue you? MacGyver or Jack Bauer???

Most people know who MacGyver is. The ever adorable Richard Dean Anderson, later to become Jack O'Neill on Stargate SG1. Mac was ever so clever, didn't believe in guns and used his mind to get out of situations that people still talk about!

Jack Bauer is the character played by Kiefer Sutherland on the series 24. This is an intense series that just began its 8th season. My son, Chris, discovered this series I think on HULU and then started buying the DVD's. I spent several summer weekends with my blood pressure raised sitting on the sofa watching 24. Jack Bauer is a government trained agent doing what ever it takes to save the day.

So, rather than talk about the weather, I thought we could get a discussion going about TV characters! Think about it, who would you rather have save you? The intellectual guy who makes something out of nothing and can 'Jerry' rig anything, or the gun blazing fist blowing federal agent that is going to save the day time and again?


Monday, January 18, 2010

Give Away!!!!!!!!!

A friend of a friend is doing a give away!!! Everyone loves free stuff, especially cute jewelry!

Check out this outCassie is giving away a gift certificate!

Drawing is Wed!! I'd love to win!


Cleaning Fairies!

The cleaning fairies came while I was working!!! In other words, my kids cleaned while I worked and they had the day off school! Sometimes life is fair! Now, the only reason it got done, DAD was home to supervise!!!

It may not be perfect, but hey, any help is HELP!!!!

I'm happy, and believe me, my back is very happy ;o)


Friday, January 15, 2010

144 Days!!!!

OK, time for a Disney fix! 144 Days until our cruise for our Anniversary!!!!!! My how time flies!

This will be our first cruise ever. I'm open for any hints or tips from experienced cruisers. We've been reading everything on cruises that we can.

The kids are excited and I can't wait, I've been wanting to go on a cruise since I was 12! Look out Disney Cruise line, in 144 days we are invading!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Generic What?

Has anyone noticed that Wal-mart has started turning the groceries into generic store brand? They aren't the only ones doing it either. United, a local grocery store, has food club label, pretty soon we will be forced to purchase the store brand because they won't be carrying other brands! What happened to choice.

Now I do believe that some of the manufacturers went a bit over board, I mean really, do we need 50+ types of Crest tooth paste???!!! However, stores carrying multiple brands gave us consumers competition and a price selection. Now, if the store is going to carry, for example, only Great Value shredded cheese, then where is our choice as a consumer? Yes, Wal-mart still has better prices than United but this is 'irking' me.

Am I the only one annoyed?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me!!!

Gosh, has it been a year since I've been blogging? Where does the time go? My faithful readers can blame my niece for this blog!

In the past year I've made friends all over the country, been able to keep my family more up-to-date on my family, and had a creative outlet.

I'm amazed how attached I feel to my blogging friends, people whom I've never met, but through reading their blogs and seeing their photos I 'know' them. They are apart of my life and I look forward to reading about them. Maybe someday I will meet some of them!

I know there are friends out there who share my love for Disney, maybe I should say my CRAZE for Disney!

I know there are friends who love dolphins as much as I do!

I know there are friends who love flying as much as I do!

I know there are friends who like to cook as much as I do and more than I do, and who love the Pioneer Woman. I 'collect' recipes and when the mood strikes I try them out! Now, I'm searching for recipes for the grill!

The internet is this big vast emptiness that brings people together. It is kind of cool when you think about it.

So, just wanted to say THANKS for reading about our family and being friends!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Work Update/SALE!!!!

Attention bargain hunters, this is the last week of the up to 70% off at Coldwater Creek stores across the states, and big bargains on the web site!!!

As you might recall, I started working part time in November and I'm still working!

So, just wanted to let all of you know, you get some good bargains!!

Happy New Year!


Monday, January 11, 2010


I know I shouldn't complain, as the Arctic snap has crossed the country and I did grow up in Chicago, but seriously, 8* in West Texas??? Wind chills of -2??

And down in WDW, the happiest place on earth, the Purple Van is using ice scrappers when the temperature there has gone to 28*! What is wrong with this picture?? Global warming? My foot!

I left Chitown and went to Oklahoma State University to college. After college, I moved to Tulsa, then I got married, we keep moving South, and the temps keep getting colder.

Do I have to move to Hawaii???

I promise, I'll never complain about the heat again, not that I did much, I love the warm sunny days.

Jack Frost, we are tired of you, you have overstayed your welcome, please go back to Alaska!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Call Me Crazy!

Yep, I'm crazy, I admit it! Here we are in an awful cold snap, still have snow on the ground and I'm grilling out like it is summer! I never thought I would like a propane grill soooo much :)

I'm toasting buns on it, cooking vegies, and no burnt hot dogs for AJ!

No, cooking on the grill is not just a summertime activity for me any longer. I'm probably making the neighbors jealous with the awesome smells!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Water Damage ~ UPDATE!

This is so NOT what I had planned!! Yesterday I told you about my water leak. Well, here is an update! It took the plumber, the head of the company, over 4 1/2 hours today to fix what the young kid couldn't handle in 2 1/2 hours yesterday!

The contractors and insurance adjuster told me how 'LUCKY' I was that the entire ceiling didn't explode and drop to the floor! I could have ended up with 3 feet of water on the floor and ALL my scrapbooking stuff ruined!

The extra hole back in the corner, is because the plumber had to drill a hole through the kitchen floor behind the refrigerator so he could run new 'pipe'/tubing through the ceiling so water can get from the kitchen sink to the fridge! Yeah, now I have ice and water. I only drink water and not having my filtered water was horrible, no, actually Lubbock water is horrible!!!

The mess, the first part of the mess. Bringing the ceiling down is making one heck of a mess. My ceiling light is down, I have 2 work lights in the room that is the reason why the color of the pics is off. I couldn't go to work today, and I won't be able to go in on Friday. Kevin has been out of town working and no one else is available to stay at the house. This is not the way I wanted to start the new year :(

Trying to dry out!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Water Everywhere!

Not exactly how I planned to spend my day off! Last night AJ says Mom, I need some stickers! So I go downstairs. To my dismay, I smell musky damp smell, I immediately notice water stains on the table cloth and look up. This is what I see:

We try to figure out if the dishwasher or sink is leaking. NO luck. Of course, it is around 8pm at night! The basement is my scrapbooking room. The table with my friends work of are in progress is in shambles. My memorabilia from the last 6 months is ruined. Everything is sopping wet! We start moving everything. Carefully start puncturing holes so the ceiling doesn't collapse on everything I own!

The plumber comes and fixes 3 holes, and then tells me, the contractor needs to take the sheet rock down and open up the entire copper line. He needs to replace all of it because it keeps leaking! YIKES, this is NOT the day I had planned!

At least it isn't a slab leak and at least we found it before there was 3 feet of water in the basement! But, still it is a mess! Heaven help me, if it isn't one thing it is another. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Amelia is a Teen!

Well, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but Happy Birthday Amelia!!! My 3rd baby is now a TEEN, how did this happen??

School resumed on her birthday, I had to work, and Mom's phone service went haywire. The day didn't go exactly as planned, but we did get the family and a few friends together to go to On The Border and eat (her choice) and then come home for presents and cake!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our 16th annual New Years Eve Party was a blast last night. We probably had about 40 total, kids and adults. I might have had more and some left early, but I figure my total by the number of champagne glasses I use!
We have games all over the house, FOOD, fun, fellowship, and the crazy kids go outside and zipcord through time and jump into the future!!!

Here are scenes of the craziness!

Live on Beatles!! Sure glad it worked with Rockband!!

It was cold here! That is ice on the trampoline!

Smarter choice, pool table inside!

Your hosts of the party! Kev was twisting trying to make our sweaters line up, he isn't hunch-back!!!

Food, always a good thing at a party!

Sparklers: Be Careful! Hard to breath with all the smoke!

This is FUN!

Poppers passed out, Sparkling Grape Juice for the kids, Champagne for the adults, everyone get ready, 1 minute to go.......


The poppers are flying!

This is actually not bad, in years past you literally have not been able to see the carpet!

No kid should be without a broom!!!

So, you might want to plan to be here next December!!! Sure hope yours was great.