Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist, came to Lubbock. Kevin really likes his work so when I discovered the show was coming, I bought tickets. Chris and Micah went also.

I've only seen one of Jeff's shows on TV but I think Walter and Peanut are my favorite characters. We were 29 rows back on the floor so we had to watch the big screen. Here are some photos.

This is Walter, he has many views on marriage!

Achmed, the dead terrorist who has been outlawed in S Africa.

The new character is A.J.  Achmed Junior, Achmed's son!

This is Peanut.

Jose' Jalapeno on a Steek!

After the show Chris, Micah, Kevin and I went to dinner. We all had an enjoyable evening. It was fun to do something unusual. If you get a chance, go see the show!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Kevin sent this to me today, Saturday.

As I drove to work, I saw a sign at a church that really got me to thinking. The sign said "Poor is the man who's only wealth is money".
Kev's thoughts:
Money is ephemeral and only has value for as long as other people believe that it has value. Some men consider their wealth as their possessions, especially things like cars. Cars deteriorate, even with great care and parts have to be replaced until the original car is gone.
So what is wealth? It is family. Those who love a man, appreciate him, care for him and accept his compassion, possession, and belonging. Family that love each other despite all of our faults, and can love each other unconditionally, is a true family. A man who has a family who loves him for who he is, is the wealthiest man. There are few, and I know that I am one. I am wealthy because of them.

I've said many times over the years that we are very wealthy because we have a loving family
Obviously, Kevin understands that he is one of the luckiest and loved men on the planet. I just wish he didn't have to go into work on Father's Day, but we do get a little bit of time with him :-)

We do LOVE you Kev, see why:

He might be 50, but he plays Twister with the kids!

He carves pumpkins with the kids!

Kev strings Christmas lights!

Kev and his boys! Playing in the park.

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there, enjoy your day.


Friday, June 17, 2011


Officially the calendar still says spring! The kids are on summer break, but it is only mid June. We are in the Nth day of 100* ++++ weather and the most severe DROUGHT in almost 100 years. YES, W Texas is HOT. Mind you, I'm NOT complaining ~ I greatly DISLIKE the COLD, so the warm is just fine.

We joined the local pool and the kids and I are swimming, diving, and playing in the pool. My water camera is getting a real workout :-) Luckily, the pool is only about 4 or 5 blocks so we can walk or bike to it.

Here are some pics of all the fun we are having:

I love how water bubbles come out under water!

Dare devil AJ

Yep, the ONLY old lady at the pool diving off the high dive!!

Well, in this heat the pool feels great. This is where we are living! What about you? Are you swimming to keep cool?


Out With the Old, In With the New

Remember when I talked about spoilers the other day? This is one of the errands we did! I don't know if I should consider this a late Mother's day gift or an early anniversary present, but I got a new washer and dryer!!! Yep, the old ones died.
Luckily, we hit the Memorial Day Sale at Lowes last weekend and they were ordered. Delivery was today :-) I was happy to see the Lowes truck come! No, this is NOT a paid ad for this store!

Bye bye, so long, farewell!

Welcome to your new home!

With the holiday sales we got the W/D set almost 2 for 1. And the bottom drawers were 2 for 1. That made for a great savings. The eco efficient system will also help.

Oops, I wrote this awhile back, looks like it never got posted! Oh well, better late than never!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kevin's HGTV Woes!

I like to watch HGTV! In fact you might say I'm addicted to it! So often it seems there is nothing on TV worth watching, I put on HGTV. I can clean house, do laundry, come in and out and listen to it. I can work on my lap top with it on! I can have it on in the basement and scrapbook with it on. I don't have to pay close attention to it, and they do a lot of recaps during the shows. I also get a lot of neat ideas, so that when I can't sleep at night I dream and scheme about my house! See where this is going?

Years ago, in fact when Amelia was a baby, a store went out of business. I bought their amazing hand built cabinets for our garage. 1 of them I put in my laundry room. It had 2 shelves and 2 hanging rods. Only problem it covered my window in my laundry room and recently I've been tired of how dark it seems back there! I recently saw something on one of the HGTV shows and got me to thinking. Dangerous, I know! So I mentioned my idea to Kevin. Pretty easy he said. We started measuring, looking around the garage and yard at all our scrap wood, and sure enough we had everything we needed!

So, let me show you in pictures what we built in one day, then took a couple of days to paint and finish out. We did this project for about $35.00 because we used scrap lumber :-)


A family project day

I quickly painted the nook in the laundry room!

Tyler learns to use the router

I built those saw horses in high school!!

I'd given AJ the camera, this is a self portrait! He was providing weight while Amelia sanded!  Love this photo!

Nap time for the Slave labor!

Going in nicely!

A little trim finishes the job!

Its done!

My design works, food and litter on floor, baskets on shelf, and folding table on top :-)

My laundry room is now very functional! I'm quite pleased. The new washer/dryer look great with the new folding shelf. I'm so lucky to have such a skilled hubby. Thanks hun for building this and putting up with my wild ideas :-)

Do you do DIY's? (This is NOT a paid ad for HGTV!!)