Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I'm going with virtual greetings because I haven't had time to even think about Christmas cards! 2nd year in a row! In 2011 Kevin and Amelia did a school trip to Europe~ London, Paris, Lorre Valley. Stone Henge, Normandy Beach, Eiffel Tower, the London Eye and many other sites. While the two of them were in Europe, Chris, AJ, and Carrie went to WDW! This was Spring Break! Lesson learned ~ never go to WDW during Spring Break!!!

2012 started out with Kevin and I going to WDW by ourselves for our first ever adult trip! We met Disney friends Steve and Davenna at the end of January for 8 days and had a blast! It is great fun to be kids at WDW WITHOUT kids!!

Phineas and Ferb!

Amelia turned 15 this year which means that she got her driver's permit! We are doing Driver's Ed in a Box! She is a good little driver. She works hard and does well in school. So in March during Spring Break the day the permit was issued, we totally SURPRISED her! Kevin had gone out car shopping and we arranged to have the car delivered to the house! She has been learning to drive in her 2003 Mustang!

 Amelia with her 'new' car!!!!

Chris graduated from Texas Tech University! His degree is in Computer Engineering. No ceremony, he refused to go through it! He isn't much on pomp and circumstance! He was hired full time in the IT department by Grace Clinic. He worked for them as an intern while he went to school!

AJ was nominated to National Junior Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC. He was nominated by one of his teachers, we were proud. So this summer Amelia and I drove AJ to Washington, DC. This was a great cross country road trip and great driving experience for Amelia. Amelia's boyfriend, Alex, joined us so she wouldn't be bored seeing sights with just Mom! We stayed in Silver Spring, MD about 2 miles from AJ's conference and drove into DC everyday. Carrie survived driving in DC!!! We crammed in as many sights as we could in 5 days but I think the favorite tour was the Segway Tour!

Dropping AJ off at his Conference!

Jefferson Memorial seen from the paddle boat!

Paddle boat in the Tidal Basin! 

Segways in front of the Whitehouse!

 Of course during the road trip we made several stops, but one of the neat ones was in St. Louis!  Hi Chrissy!!

Tyler moved backed from OKC and after being at home for a year has decided to get his own apartment. He is working and has a roommate to cut down costs of the apartment. He still does not like having his picture taken!

The big new of the year is that Kevin got his pilot's license back! The FAA cleared him medically and he has been flying for business and pleasure!
In September Kevin and I flew down to Florida for his Birthday! We had a Disney Cruise Planned :-) Before the cruise we met friends George and Andrea Kalbfleisch in Kissimee, FL and visited DownTown Disney. Then we had dinner at BOMA at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The next day we flew in tandem flight to Titusville, the Space Coast! George and Andrea were going there for the Space shuttle launch on the 747! Always great to visit with friends.

Then we headed for the cruise with niece Stephanie her hubby Shawn Conrad. 4 Glorious days in the Bahamas! 2 days on Cast Away Cay ~ Snorkeling, swimming with Stingrays, and biking!

Para Sailing!  Even though Kevin is afraid of heights, he para sailed!

Kevin is still doing ER work, he works up to 25 different ER's and his schedule can change at the last minute so life is never boring! I'm still volunteering at school and watching after everyone's schedules. I'm really hoping that on Januray 4th Amelia can get her driver's license and I won't have to keep getting up so early in the mornings to get her and AJ to school! Everyone say a prayer for her!
Christmas Day will find me cooking for 12! We hope that your family has a blessed Christmas and wonderful 2013. 
Again, Merry Christmas If you are in Lubbock on New Years Eve we have the annual NYE party going on!! Come on by the house 9pm - 1am to Ring in the New Year!!!

Love Cozyflier Carrie, Kevin, Chris, Tyler, Amelia, and AJ

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shop at HOME!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated early, Kevin is working the entire Thanksgiving weekend. So we had our feast Tuesday! 
So, are you planning a big BLACK Friday attack? I'm so glad my kids have grown up enough that I don't have to go fight the crowds! I'm not worried about one single Black Friday event. I will stay snuggled up in my bed and SLEEP!

However, I am going to share with my readers that I'm hosting a MEGA Christmas Shop! So, if you would like to shop from the comfort of your own home and have items delivered to your door, you may do so!

Here are the links:

Pampered Chef

 Scentsy  Click on Carrie Funk Party December 8.

For Origami Owl Jewelry: Get your holiday shopping lists ready!!! Visit and enter Party ID "17805" at checkout...Carrie's MEGA Christmas shop should show up.

So many gift many possibilities!!! Everyone on your list will love the thought that you put into their gift!!!

31 click on the shop now! This Party is going to be closed on Monday!

Then I will be having a new link after this one!

 I will also have Mary Kay, Jamberry Nails, Captured Memories. Go to my facebook and look it up! You will be glad you did! Why fight the mall?? Shop at home in your jammies!!!

 The event date is Saturday Dec. 8th. The parties will close on the 9th. All orders must be in by the 9th. All orders received by the 8th or 9th should be received by you in time for Christmas. There are some neat Campus and Spirit collections for your sports fan. Awesome Christmas items in Christmas prints/designs. Cool items for your chef. The jewelry is really cool ~ you can personalize it and change out the charms and colors to match what you are wearing! Thanks for your support. I'll post pictures later after the storage issue is resolved!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday M-I-C-K-E-Y!

Today is Mickey's Birthday! Did you know that? I'm sure all my Disney friends know this. You may say, all my Disney friends, you mean there are more like her? Yes, believe it or not, I'm not alone. In fact, I'm in quite good company! There are thousands of other 'crazed' men and women who love Disney just as much as I do, if not a little more and go to WDW and DL every year and multiple times a year!! I take grief all the time from my local friends and family. You can't be going to Disney again, they say! Well, it is where I love to go and where the kids like. It is my happy place!

People don't make fun of the people that go to Vegas every few months? What's the difference? Anyway, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to the Main Mouse and share some pictures with him over the years!

You can meet Farmer Mickey at The Land in EPCOT

Jedi Mickey is around during Star Wars weekends

Hawaiian Mickey is found at O'hana 

Mickey and Minnie are found just inside the Magic Kingdom

This is Capt. Mickey on board the Wonder on our first ever cruise for our 25th!

 Here is Capt. Mickey on board the Dream, and it is a dream ship!!!

So, happy Birthday Mickey!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School SPIRIT Days!!!

Every school has spirit days to my knowledge. But it seems to me that they have gotten a lot more fun since I was in school back in the dark ages!! When Chris and Tyler were in elementary everything was always 50's day and crazy sock day. Even when Amelia was in Kinder it was 50's.

 But middle school the last 3 years and high school are really with 'IT'!!! Now we have Nerd Day, Crazy Hair Day, Generation Day, Would You Still Be My Friend If I Wore.... Day, Hippie Day, Mis-Matched Day, Twin Day, etc! Further more my kids are 'brave' enough to wear wild and crazy things to school!

 Would you still be my friend if I wore.......?     In this case....Star Wars Pod Racing Geek Helmet!!!

 Crazy Hair Day ~ 3, count 'em THREE wigs!!!!  Yes, AJ wore a Dorthy wig, a Punk Rock wig, and a Light Up Yeti wig from Animal Kingdom!!  This is sure to make the yearbook!!!

 Nerd Day!  Have you seen all the CRAZY DUCK TAPE out when 'back to school' supplies are out in August?  I think my kids keep them in business!!!  If wearing 3 homemade hair bows is not nerdy, a homemade bow tie, and necktie, the glasses, then I don't know what is!!!!

 This is Tourist Day!!!  Can you tell Amelia takes after her Mom?!!!  Look closely at the EARS.  Sorry, it was 7:55am, I'm still asleep!   But these are the new GLOW EARS! Disney T, Ears, camera, lanyard, with room key, and lanyard for school ID.  I think she passed for a Tourist!! Oh and a Backpack!

AJ decided to go against years of tradition and NOT be Star Wars for Halloween!!  WOW, I was in shock.  Well, it paid off!  The school had Generations Day!  How Cool!  I told him he could be past or future!!!  He decided to be past and be Original  TREK ~ I raise my kids so well!

Do your schools have crazy spirit days? Do your kids dress up? Seems like I'm always digging around to find something for AJ or Amelia so the can dress up for school! Usually the night before! Most of the time they have to pay $1 ~ this is raising money for United Way.

Please tell me what kind of special days your schools have.  If you are a teacher, do you dress up??


Introducing Simba and Nala

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my new van. Well, I finally decided on a name for the Van and the GPS, after much thought and discussion! I thought about :

Beast & Belle      Bambi & Thumper      Woody & Jesse   but I've finally settled on:

SIMBA and NALA! Partly because of the color of the van, Simba as a Lion can go fast and is strong. Nala is the female and my GPS has a female voice, Lions have a good sense of direction! Also, I had recently replaced my window decals to re-Dineyfy my car. Remember the horrid rock through the rear windshield last summer?? When we went on the cruise in Sept. I replace my decals. For some strange reason, I had not gotten around to putting them on the old van! So, let me show you my Disneyfied van :-)

Full on view!

Close up! Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto!

 I love this!

 A girl can dream can't she?!!

 Mickey just belongs here!

 Yep, and this bumper sticker belongs here!

'He's' ready for a show!!

 Amelia's 'Minnie' needed more "Disneyfying"!  So she got some of the decals too!


 Doc is so good to help us get everything placed just right!  Especially when he is soooo tired!  Thanks hun!

 Amelia wanted the other Mickey, but it wouldn't stick on her car.  So, I have Mickey and Minnie! :-)

And here is Nala, my GPS!  Please note, I'm not driving, Amelia was, ans she was at a stop sign!  This is why the pic is off center!  I love the GPS, especially on long road trips.  The new and improved one in this van is really cool.  The improved voice recognition program is going well, and I think the I phone link will be cool too.  But so far no one has called me while I'm in my car!

People say I'm crazy, but I love having my life Disneyfied!

See Ya Real Soon!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Halloween night was anti-climatic after our big party! However, we carved pumpkins, friends came over, and AJ went out Trick-or-Treating. Amelia had been invited to a friends house to carve pumpkins. Kevin and I handed out candy. The ghouls and goblins and superheros were not as many this year. The weather was very pleasant but we did not have the normal crowds.

My SWEET hubby cleaned out the pumpkins!  Love you sweetie!!!

 Love me some power tools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Can't believe it, AJ went Trekie this year and not Star Wars!!!!

Live Long and Prosper!

 Drop and give me candy!

AJ, Elyssa, Jimmy, Taelor

 I love Pinterest!  I got so many great ideas this year!

 Sorry its blurry!

 Last year I bought a glue gun with a spigit to attach to an air compressor ~ COOL!!  Result, webs in the tree!  Add in glow in the dark glue sticks and a black light and you get this:

 This is my FAVE picture!!!  did not plan critters on the tree!!

Check out   (not a paid ad)  This is where I found the glow in the dark glue!

How was your Halloween?  Did you Trick or Treat?  Or did you stay home and watch TV?  Did you go to a fall festival or a Trunk or Treat?  Let me know how you spent the evening!