Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Neil Diamond!!! Yes, today Neil is 70! He is the one of the greatest Singer/Songwriters ever! His voice is amazing. Neil has graced us with his talent for 6 decades.

I just wanted to wish him a big Happy Birthday!


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Exciting is hardly the adjective I need! I got tired of waiting for the wait list to open for the 'members only' cruise to open and just decided to book a cruise!!!

YES!!!! That is correct, the entire family, all 6 of us will be going on a cruise, just after Thanksgiving! I'm putting our DVC points to good use. Oh, sorry, Disney Vacation Club, to you non Disney people! This is like a time share, but runs on points. We can go to many locations in the USA, and exchange through RCI Travel, but, we are Disney thru and thru and since my first cruise last year for our anniversary, I'm hooked!

So, we will explore the new Disney Dream, the newest member of the DCL fleet. I can't wait, but I will have to. Sigh! I've been absorbing all the info I can about the new ship, and I'll try not to bore you with details, but if you find out something about it please feel free to share your knowledge with me!

Dreamn' of Cruisn'



My rage for the US Congress has me searching for words tonight. If you don't want Obamacare you will have to pay an excise tax to the Federal Government UNLESS you qualify for an exemption:


1. You are in Prison

2. If you have ANY Indian ancestry at all (Native American??)

3. If you feel it is against your Religion: Islamic; Christian Scientist; Jewish

4. If you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN living in the USA

REALLY??? Why would we pass a LAW with an exemption for Illegal aliens?????? They are breaking the law being here, but are exempt from paying taxes ~ still get free health care! Go Figure! Please share this.

Can we recall the entire US Congress? Aren't the people we elect to vote Bills into law suppose to READ them before they vote them into law?

Most people that know me know I'm not overly political. But, COME ON! This is absolutely crazy. I really thought I lived in the USA!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gonnorrhea Lectim Disease

Information about a new version of an old disease: Gonorrhea Lectim

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim. It's pronounced "Gonna re-elect 'em," and it is a terrible obamanation.

The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behavior involving putting your cranium up your rectum. Many victims contracted it in 2008... but now most people, after having been infected for the past 1 -2 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness is.

It's sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug just coming on the market called Votemout. It's pronounced "Vote em out". You take the first dose in 2010 and the second dose in 2012 and simply don't engage in such behavior again, otherwise it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it.

Several states are already on top of this, like Virginia, New Jersey, and apparently now Massachusetts, with many more seeing the writing on the wall.

9 out of 10 doctors polled feel that Votemout is safe, highly effective and therefore recommended as the premiere therapy for this dreaded disease. 

Please pass this important message on to all those bright folk you really care about.

From my hubby, the Doctor!! Found in one of the ER's


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talent, not Photoshopped!

Yesterday was GLORIOUS in Lubbock! After a week of stinking cold dreary weather, we hit 72* AND it was a holiday! After Kevin recovered from a night in the ER, we took the kids to the the park for a modern day picnic lunch (Arbys)! Then, we played in the park! I was inspired to take pictures, we were at what the kids call the spider web park. While we were eating, I told the kids I had an idea for a photo I wanted to take. I'm in Love with the results! You have to understand, I don't have Photo Shop!

Copyright by Carrie Funk 2011
I love the light coming off AJ's face, I love the reflection in the slide, I love the unusual angle!
Copyright by Carriefunk 2011
An hour later the sun had moved.  Amelia has a hurt knee and couldn't get down real low on the slide!  Notice how she has 3 reflections!  Interesting, I thought!

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I thought were 2, well at least 1 great photo! Every once in awhile I get an inspiration and it comes to fruition. I'm happy! It has been awhile since I've taken what I consider a real great photo :-) Remember, I don't have high dollar, fancy camera, expensive lens, nor photo shop!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Camera Critter Saturday!

As I blogged about yesterday, Amelia recently turned 14.  Well, when there are presents there is wrapping paper, tissue paper, boxes, and ribbon! Do you see where I am going?!?

The CATS of course!!! R2-D2 and Gizmo love to play in wrapping stuff! Enjoy the photos!

Go to Camera Critters Blog and check out all the neat pictures!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Amelia Turned 14!

Gosh, I'm late, but I left town right after Amelia's birthday, and I just got the pictures uploaded!

Where does time go? In more ways than one! Seems like yesterday.... Oh well, my little girl isn't so little anymore. Because she and DAD get to go to Europe for Spring Break, Christmas and B-day were kept small! But here are some shots from her special day!

She chose Applebee's for her dinner!

A pic of Amelia and me that I like!

Dad picked out makeup for her! Think she was excited? She also gets a lesson in how to apply it as soon as we go to Dillard's!

This is funny, I picked out a small digital camera with a flip screen so she can frame all her self portraits! She got REALLY excited on this one. She was flinging her legs up and down in the air! Now she has her own camera for the Europe trip!

And the cake!

I think she had a great 14th birthday! :-)


The Vintage Pearl: {secret} love message cuff. (and a coupon!)

Another neat piece from Vintage Pearl! And Coupon!!

The Vintage Pearl: {secret} love message cuff. (and a coupon!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Needing a Fix!

OK, you probably could have figured this post was coming! I haven't posted anything about Disney in many months!

Tom Cruise says: "I feel the need, the need for speed." Well, I feel the need, the need for Disney!!! So, I have perused through my files of photos and picked a few from prior trips. Seeing as I have 1 month and 27 days until I can get to the WORLD!

Looks like the week of our 23rd anniversary trip. Amelia and myself with Chip. Mom made our skirts :-)

Our favorite, Star Wars Weekends! This was the year that we managed to hit 2 weekends! That was so totally cool. AJ won kids trivia, hands down!

Toy Story soldiers!

Going to miss Minnie's house. I have a picture of Amelia at Minnie's sewing machine every visit Amelia made to WDW, starting as an infant!

The 25th anniversary cruise last summer! Our first cruise, but not our last!! On the last day, I finally figured out where they put the how to dress for dinner info! Oh well, we had a blast and I'm scheming on how to go again with our DVC points :-)

Counting down the days til I can get back to my happy place!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just Dance!

I'm laughing so hard tonight! Amelia and AJ are getting a work out. They are doing Just Dance 2 on the Wii!!!

I didn't feel like getting up and taking a new picture, but it is so amusing watching them dance like crazy. I'm so glad I got flooring in the den! This wouldn't be near as easy to do with carpet!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crockpot Enchiladas

Yeild 6-8 servings

1 lb ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup green pepper chopped
1 16oz can kidney beans, rinsed and drained
1 15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
10 oz can rotel
1/3 cup water
1 1/2 teasp chili powder
1/2 teasp ground cumin
1/2 teasp salt
1/4 teasp peper
1 cup monterey jack cheese, shredded
1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
Flour tortillas

Cook beef, onion, and gren pepper; drain. Add next 8 ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat. Cover and simmer 10 mins. Place a spoonful of meat mixture on the bottom of the crockpot, top with a tortilla, more meat mixtre and sprinkle of cheese. Repeat layers until all is used. Cover and cook on low for 5-7 hours. To server, invert onto a serving platter and cut into wedges.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Baby, it's COLD outside!  This is Texas, it is suppose to be warm!  We are going into single digits tonight with negative wind chills!  So glad I bought Under Armour at the outlet mall for everyone to ski in, we might need it now :-)

I don't know why, but the cold weather make me want comfort food.  Tonight I made chicken and dumplings.  Tomorrow night, crockpot enchiladas, YUM!  I don't think I will be out much, take the kids to and from school and that is it.  I'm like a bear, I like to hibernate!  The 'sad' part is we don't have any snow.  I'm 'sort of' inclined to think if we are going to be this cold for this many days, we might as well be pretty instead of grey and gloomy!

Hope you are warm where you are located.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Power Shopping!

We are in San Antonio for a Continuing Medical Education course for Kevin.  S.A. of course is just 25 minutes from San Marcos!!  For those of you not from this area, San Marcos has a Huge, and I mean H-U-G-E outlet mall.  Actually, 2 malls.  Tanger on one side and Prime on the other side!!  And man has it grown in 7 years time! 

So, Kev is in meetings all day, what is a girl to do?  Well, shopping comes to mind!  And when there is a bargain to be found, you can be sure I'm the one to find it!  Bargain hunter is my middle name.  I seldom pay retail for anything not food related.

When Kevin said I could have $X for a budget and go play for the day or day and a half that he was in meetings and get things that we needed I was like, cool!  So, that is what I did today!

15 stores in 6.5 hours!  Going through the stores, trying on stuff for me,  hunting sizes for the family, and seeing what was available.

Side note, I would like to say Coach purses and the Dooney & Burke purses are absolutely ridiculous in price!  1/2 price of asinine is still asinine!!  Needless to say, I'm not ever going to have one of those handbags.  Oh, $98 for a wallet, $54 for a coin purse!!!  Could you fit $54 of coins into it?!?  Those companies can keep their products, in my money conscious opinion!

I'm thinking of exploring Fredericksburg, TX on Friday, tomorrow!  That is a wonderful town.  Haven't been there in 7 years either.  Kevin doesn't have to worry too much.   I can't afford all the neat antiques :-0

Have a great weekend, I'm not getting pictures, although this J.W. Marriott is beautiful.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Vintage Pearl: for brides and valentines { a giveaway! }

The Vintage Pearl: for brides and valentines { a giveaway! }

They are at it again!!


Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year! Our party was a blast even though it was smaller this year. That was just fine with me! Here are some scenes from all the fun, sorry if you missed out.

Doesn't Donna look Beautiful?  She couldn't stay, had a rehearsal dinner to attend.

Playing Set

Kevin and myself.  My new skirt gave me at Christmas, I feel sexy!!!

New twist this year, we let the kids make S'mores!

Lots of great treats!

Amelia roasts her marshmallow!

Alane & Dirk

So Good, So Good, So Good!

Elyssa, Kenzie, and Amelia having fun with Dance Party 2 on the Wii.  So much fun to watch this :-0)

Chris had to kibitz in Flux!

Kev pops corks outside, if kids catch a pop fly cork, they win $5!

We are ready!  Let it rip!

Happy New Year!

Philip & Kelly

Amelia, Ashley, and Kenzie.  I gave them the water camera and every picture is a crazy one!!

Party poppers went flying at midnight! It was crazy!

The kids thought us moms should be decorated!

Whether you partied like a teen or went to bed at 9, I hope this new year blesses you and that you are happy, healthy, and prosperous.