Sunday, April 29, 2012

8th Grade Banquet

Saturday night was Amelia's 8th Grade Banquet. It was really special because a boy asked her to go! She has been in heaven since he asked her. We got to meet him a week ago when we did a little party for a friend. Alex is very nice and very tall! The banquet was at a very nice country club, Alex and his father picked up Amelia and when they were ready to leave, the Stang and I went out to bring them home. We picked up some ice cream after wards and came home then we took Alex home! However, before banquet, we had taking pictures. Luckily, Ashley, 'adopted' daughter came over and helped take pics because I was crazy busy cooking dinner because Dad was leaving town to go work a reverse 24 hour shift! The good news is Dad was actually home to see Amelia! So, here are pictures!

 NO, we didn't buy the dress to match the car!  Actually, we bought this dress for the cruise last Nov/Dec!!!  I had banquet in mind when we bought cruise dresses for Amelia!

 Just chilling!

 'Sisters'!  Like I said, Ashley had to take most of these pics, but I kept running around, posing Amelia!  It is amazing that I didn't burn dinner.  I just love my grill!  How's that for a non-sequiter!

 You want me on Top of my car!!

 Wish I could drive us to Banquet!

 Watch out DAD!!!

 Aw, brothers and sisters can get along!

 Father and daughter!


 Most of the family!

 Waiting on Alex!!

 Hair, makeup, and nails ` Gorgeous!!!!!

 Just love all those curls!!

 Amelia and Alex!

Well, this was the first hurdle! I guess next will be Jr/Sr prom. I know I'm biased, but I think Amelia looked just beautiful. Alex is very nice and polite. Oh, the kids filled out forms in school this past week and voted for classmates on who would be the most likely to:...... Amelia was voted to Most likely to be an 8th Grade Teacher! So this was Amelia's 8th grade banquet. Such an exciting weekend. Cozyflier

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I'm honored that Lighthousegal picked me to recieve this award! I don't have many followers and I treasure the ones I do have. Thanks so much Lighthousegal.

So the rules are:
1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you
3. Post a picture of the award
4. list 7 random facts about yourself

1. I nominate the following blogs: The Vintage Pearl, Between the Sheets, Middle Age Ramblings, Thoughts By Dena, Pixie Pranks and Disney Fun, My Dogs Keep Me Sane, Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, Be Different Act Normal, The Diary of Dave's Wife, Megan in Wonderland,

I don't follow many blogs. If you want this award, grab it!!

I already did 2 & 3!

Now 7 random things about me.

We have a home built airplane, it took us 8 years to build it and cost less than a high end car! The name of our airplane is Cozy Mark 4.

I love Neil Diamond's music he is the best!

But I also have very eclectic taste in music I have a wide variety of likes that most people do not know!

I volunteer a lot and have trouble saying 'NO'! I'm learning, but it has taken many years!

I love photography/scrapbooking.

I love absolutely love Dolphins, and have swum with them 3 times and will do it a million times more!

After 26 1/2 years I'm still totally 100% in love with my husband and so honored that he picked me. I'm crazy in love with him.

Now, go forth friends and blog! It is what we do!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Do you Spring Clean? As I mentioned in my Easter post, I've been organizing drawers. Then I decided to tackle AJ's closet, what a job that was! Thanks Ashley for your help!!

Today, I started on my side of the master closet. I'm only 1/3 of the way done after 5 hours! I tried on all my clothes! You should be proud of me, I'm such a packrat. If I hadn't worn it in the last year, or it was short waisted, or it didn't fit, it left my closet. Sniff, sniff! I'll have to finish Tuesday, Doc will be sleeping tomorrow. I don't know why, but for some crazy reason, I've been forgetting to take pictures. You'll just have to take my word, that I've made a lot of progress and in the next month I'm going to have a BIG yard sale to make money to help pay for AJ's trip to Washington, DC. More on this later!

Good luck if you do Spring Clening!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lubbock Arts and Comic Book Festival 2012

Today we went to the Arts Festival which also includes the Comic Book and a costume contest! We saw lots of neat art work, and lots of pretty jewelry! But for us the cool part was the people in costumes! My oldest son Chris put on his Storm Trooper costume; Aj, my baby, put on his Jawa costume. Walking around the exhibits and having people want to take pictures is always a lot of fun.

At the last minute we decided to enter AJ into the costume contest. AJ wasn't so sure, but I convinced him. I'm glad I did, because there weren't many kids in his age bracket, and he wound up winning 1st place!! I'm so proud!!!

Here are some pictures:

AJ the Jawa!

As you can, many people dressed up, and Star Wars was well represented!  Amelia is being held prisoner!

Now, I'm being held!

AJ won a really cool toy for his prize, he's quite excited and having fun playing with it. It is a motorized Actuator expanding set. Not bad for someone who really wasn't sure about entering a contest!

So, how was your Saturday?


Friday, April 13, 2012

AJ's Room

AJ took over Chris and Tyler's room. it use to be themed airplanes, no surprise there! But now that he has grown up he wanted a change. So over the last 2 years, yes I'm a slow poke, we've been working toward a Star Wars theme.

When the roof got damaged and his ceiling was damaged, that is when his room was painted. He chose blue and silver. I found Clone Wars sheets, and bought an extra package to make curtains. I've had his desk in the garage for eons, I've started stripping it so we can refinish it and the old desk chair. Maybe this summer! Recently though, Dad installed shelves in his room to hold his Lego sets! AJ is a Lego fanatic when it comes to Star Wars! The store didn't have as many shelf brackets as I wanted, so we didn't get as many shelves as we quite needed, but what we did put up really helped.

Then, we put up the Fathead wall clings we had purchased for Christmas! WOW! The wall clings are really cool! AJ loves them :-) AJ thinks we are like the coolest parents on earth.

I let him decide how to arrange the furniture even though I can't get under the bunk beds to get to the dressers. He is happy for now and that is what matters. So, here are some pictures of the still in progress Star Wars room!

Installing shelves
Gizmo thinks the new shelves are for her!  Silly cat!

The Millennium Falcon looks awesome!  This Fathead is over 3' long!!

The Death Star, this one was hard to put up, it was so big, and little space to work!

Master Yoda has been up for quite some time! 
Here is one of the kites hanging, we still have more work to do but it is coming along!

May the Force Be With You!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spit & Polish!

So what do you do when you get a 'new' car? Well according to Doc you are suppose to polish it! Wanting to show Amelia how to be a responsible car owner Dad spent Saturday, his only time off, of Easter Weekend showing Amelia how to use polishing compound and Black Magic to make her 9 yr old car shine! Dad and daughter worked many hours, and when big brother Chris happened by the house, oh my Amelia was really thrilled when he decided to lend helping hands! I still can't believe what Doc can do on only 3 hours of sleep!

Bonus for me, I had bought a kit and my yucky head lights look like new! Thanks sweetie, and Chris!! Chris doesn't want to have an internet foot print, but oh well, I'm going to put a couple pics of him and just not tag him!! A Mom has to do what a Mom has to do!

Kev works on head lights of my van :-)

The brake light of the Stang looks a LOT better!

 Ashley and Elyssa held AJ hostage!!

Chris is not happy with me taking his picture!  Polishing compound on the hood..

Amelia puts Black Magic on the roof!

That door is really getting shiny Dad!

It was dusk when they finished, the finished picture really wasn't good. Also, since we are under stage 2 water restrictions, we had to use buckets and only used 2 gallons of water for the 2 vehicles!

Doc and Amelia also Armor Alled the inside of the car, the dealer ship didn't do a great job on it since it was used. With a lot of elbow grease this car is looking really grand!

The student driver is doing well and gaining confidence everyday!



The Calendar says Spring, the birds and flowers say Spring, but the temperature says Summer! Mind you I'm not complaining as I greatly dislike cold weather! Its just unusual to see 80* and 90* temps in March and early April, this could indicate another hot Summer!

So, how was your Easter? Ours was lovely. Well, Doc had to work Sunday, so we did things on Saturday. The kids had a friend stay the night Friday, Elyssa, so I ended up with 9 folks for an impromptu meal, just 3 extras as my entire family happened to be home! We didn't get any photos of cooking, the table, or anyone at the table, my bad!

We had Hawaiian pulled pork, 3 vegies, and a mixed salad. I served the pulled pork on Hawaiian buns! I was going to make hot cross buns, but someone put the yeast under the crock pot and killed it, so the dough didn't rise! Oh well, we had pie and cookies.

Here are pics of the kids hunting eggs:

Checking out baskets

Let the hunt begin!
Elyssa is finding some!
Amelia is doing well!

AJ has a basketfull!
Yikes!  I just realized looking at this, they tore my sofa apart!!!

What did you get?   I don't know, what did you get?!!

Now that Easter is over it seems that I've been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug! I don't usually get this, but this year I have. Thank goodness! I keep forgetting to take before pictures, so I'm not taking after pictures!

I've been organizing drawers, you know the 'junk' drawers in the kitchen. WOW! is all I can say! Then yesterday I cleaned out my 'junk' drawer in my bathroom and put my makeup in it. The top of my vanity is so empty now! I had had my makeup in this neat Longaberger Basket, but it was so dusty. Now my make up is tidy :-) Hubby said, I didn't know that drawer had a bottom!!

I want to tackle my closet just have to get in the right mood. Of course I was ready to do it one day last week and Doc was recovering from 24 hrs in the ER! So goes my life!

Do you do Spring Cleaning? Do you do it by room? I've found helpful tips and suggestions on blogs and pinterest! Well, time to sign off and stop playing! Time to work, ugh! Happy Spring Cleaning to you.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Made Us Laugh....

This made us do a double take on our recent trip, well, it was back in January! My where does time go? Anyway, since it has been many years :-) since I've had to push a stroller, this made us laugh!!

As you can see, people don't pay attention to signs at WDW!!!

Happy Monday ya'll