Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pretty Pretty PRETTY Girls!

Amelia is going to be 15 in just 2 months. She has never bugged us about makeup, but I know the day is coming. Kevin bought her a nice set and she hasn't worn it. Guess she takes after me, I hate it! But, when the day comes as we know it is, and we will start slowly, we want her to know what she is doing. We were going to take her to the makeup counter at the department store, never have time! So, when Dana, my hair dresser, suggested a makeup party for her and her friends, that seemed like a great idea!

I made a cute invitation, it looked like a compact, round, flip open, metallic paper for a 'mirror', and frosted-glittery paper for the 'blush'. Then vellum with all the party info which covered the blush! I just couldn't find makeup brush stickers! I was in a hurry and didn't have time to go to 10 stores!

Here, hope you get the idea:

I photo reverses all images!

Dana is owner of Stratton Salon in Lubbock. 

 In the beginning!


Little Taelor is only 10 and she was the most EAGER of the girls!!

 Taelor's Mom, Kelly, helps her out.

 Auria tries to figure this stuff out!

 Not so sure about mascara...

 she looks way older than 10!

 Autume is beautiful, 13 going on ??

 I think Breenkly is going to kill me!  But look how PRETTY!

 Auria is stunning.

 Oh my!  DAD, look out we could have a problem....

And Chelsea, finally gave in.  No, she said, I don't wear/like makeup!  After it was all said and done, I think I'll try lip gloss, OK, how about blush!  Well, you might as well try it all.  She is beautiful!

See, a little goes a long way. They don't look over done and don't look like they are 30 yrs old. They look like PRETTY young teens/tweens!

We are going to let Amelia start with eye make up for school when she wants it. Now that she somewhat knows how to apply it.

We will see how it goes! Just have to get her brows waxed again! Never enough time!

Pixie Dust to you all!


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