Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lets Hit the Slopes!

Red River, NM.  January Martin Luther King weekend when we had a long weekend was the perfect time for a quick ski trip.  Chris, Tyler and I drove over and left earl on Friday.  Kevin, Amelia, AJ, and friend Alex flew up in the Cozy!  That way the kids didn't leave school until noon on Friday!

 We had 2 cabins!

1 bedroom of the kids cabin!!

 The full kitchen and living room of the cabin!

Kev and I had the efficiency!

The kids cabin from the outside, we are across the parking lot!

 I can live with this view from my porch!  Even though I don't like the cold!

 My front porch! Sit there and watch the skiers!

 Time to get skies and boots or a snow board!  

 This was Alex's first time to go skiing, it was all new to him!

 AJ was excited!!!

 Amelia is getting her boots fitted to her skis!

 Chris, my oldest is happy, he has his snow board!

They got to AJ!!!!

 So many funny hats!!!!  Oh wow! Don't look, but that is my camera shy son, Tyler standing next to Kevin, and he is SMILING!!!!!

Saturday morning, ready to hit the slopes

 NO, I don't ski!  Not after blowing out my knee 16 years ago!

 After a day of skiing and shopping everyone is ready for dinner!

 Amelia and Alex
 At Red River they do a torch parade down the ski slope on Saturday night.  The skiers come down holding flares!  Very talented!

 Tyler came down and turned to spray us with snow and in the process wiped out!!

 Ales, Amelia, AJ, Tyler, Chris, Carrie, Kevin

 At 4 when the slopes close, you can sled for 1 hour!

 Day 2 Alex had lessons on day 1, so now he gets to be with the family on day 2!

 Sleepy Amelia.....

 This must be lunch break!

 Does your family ski?  Where do you go? 


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