Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Disney

Well before I get too much further with this blogging thing, you are going to find out that I love Disney. Walt Disney World, Disney Store, Tigger, Mickey, anything Disney! So, over time I expect to have many posts about it because I've become an unofficial expert on the place having been to WDW 9 times!

I guess the another reason for this post is I realized that my passion for Disney is rubbing off on my children. AJ, my 4th grader came home from school with 2 pages of instructions for the required biography book report! No, book reports are no longer just a written report. They are PROJECTS! Biography reports include: poem as to why the person is famous, what they did/are known for; a time line; a hand drawn picture of the person; major notes - 4 pages in specefic catagories; rough draft, and final report, minimum of 2 pages. This grade counts 2X in the grade book.

The point of this blog you may ask? My 9 yr old son picked Walter Elias Disney as the person to do his book report on!! 7 trips (we have a DVC membership) to WDW, the scrapbooks, and the clothes have not been 'lost' on him, he really does get 'it'!

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