Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day - Lubbock Style!

So, I told you about the ice storm right? Well, it got worse before it got better!
Tuesday Evening, the kids played in the accumalating snow/ice and came in every 15 minutes to ask if I thought school would be canceled.

I kept saying no! LISD won't ever cancel school again, that's another post! At 7:30 PM my phone rings and I see that it is the schools prefix! The emergency telephone tree system is in use!
School has been delayed for 2 hours in the morning. So, instead of sliding to school at 7:45am we can slide to school at 9:45am! And slide is exactly what we did. WE SLID right thru the STOP sign to the major BUSY street. Thank God there were no cars at that moment. We crossed, and skated our way 14 blocks to the next turn. We slid thru another Stop sign and then the car went this way and that way. Amelia asked why I was driving so curve-a-ly(is that a word?) I said I wasn't, the car was!! Finally making it the 5 more blocks to school, I was never so happy! Oh no, I now had to make the opposite trip to go back home. UGH!

So, Want to see what the kids did with an extra 2 hours this morning. Do you think they read, or worked on book reports that are due next week? Yeah, right! Look for yourself -

Yep, the zip cord! Skiing on the zip cord is great fun. Just push each other up, or get Mom to push you up and ride/ski down!

So, that is how we do it in Lubbock. We don't have a true, snow day, we only have a snow, 2 hours!!

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