Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Dreaded SHED!

Shed update # ?????

If you read my blog with any regularity you'll know that about 1.5 yrs ago we started building a shed.

Ok, if you are new to my blog, here is more of the story! Rebuilding the shed because of an issue with a neighbor!

Making a door!
So that brings me to this past weekend. Kevin finally had a weekend in town, and we were able to install the window, build the door, and start priming the shed. Of course it had to be one the hottest weekends for us to paint!

The door will fit, just need to adjust the hinge!

Insert flange A into Slot C, Bend Tab B over......

AJ's Packing!  Not sure what, but he's packing!!

The professionals!


Wow!  Look at those fumes!

Amelia tries out the sprayer!  It is great for nooks and crannies!

So, I finally get a weekend with my hubby and we 'kill' ourselves! sad part is the shed still isn't finished! We need this baby done, we need the garage and shop cleaned out for multiple reasons, but the most pressing reason ~ ROBOTICS is starting up and the team needs a home to be able to build their robot. Amelia and AJ are both on the team. Chris and Tyler both did robotics. Curious? Look into B.E.S.T.

I'm sure I will have more shed posts! I hope someone had more fun this weekend than I did! Please tell me you did!


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McMGrad89 said...

I had no idea all of this had transpired. I thought you were rebuilding because it had gotten knocked down or something.

By the way, you link to the original shed debacle is broken. I had to do a search for shed and find all the things you had written about the shed before I got "The Rest of The Story."

Good luck with the rest of the finish work.