Monday, August 30, 2010

Where Did Summer Go?

Summer is over, oh I know technically it is still summer season on the calendar.  But, ask any Mom or any child that is in school, and you will be told, SUMMER is over!!  Those lazy hazy days of no alarms, going to the pool and and laying around vanished in the blink of an eye.

Open house for school has come and gone, we met the teachers, got the school supply lists and saw the class rooms! 
The Frenzy of TAX FREE weekend  has been survived without incident.  The mall parking lot was a sea of color with every shape and size of car known to man!  They were parking in the north 40 just to be able to get in and buy jeans, socks, undies and such without TAX!

And, we have endured the first week of school with this 'brilliant' new curriculum!  No one likes it ~ the teachers don't like like it, the students don't like it, and the parents don't like like it!  Maybe we should bring back the TAKS testing!

The First Day of School!
So, now we have alarms, schedules, homework galore, extra curricular activities, and bed times!  When is Christmas break??

Have a great 2nd week of school!


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