Monday, April 11, 2011

Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Hello Friends! Yes, I'm still around, life is just crazy. I'm still sorting through Kevin's and Amelia's pictures from Europe, I haven't blogged all the Disney pictures either! Life just gets in the way sometimes!

Then the mysterious, 'lovely' stomach bug has come to reside in my home, oh joy! I'm the one who seems to the most susceptible to these things and I always run a low grade fever ~ 100.5 to 101. So I've been down & out for the count!

The other big news around here ~ tyler has moved back home! Son number 2 has moved back from Oklahoma for the time being. He called me Saturday morning and said, my car is 95% loaded, I'll be leaving in a little while to head that way! OH was all I could come up with! Seeing as his desk, dresser, and TV wouldn't fit in the car with his clothes, computer, and miscellaneous stuff, I wondered what the game plan was! I suggested an U-Haul. Tyler didn't like that idea. Guess he will be going back to OKC soon with his Dad's car and little trailer or a friend and pickup!

So, I've been gone from blogging, but I haven't forgotten all of you! Amelia goes to the doctor today for follow up on her knee. Maybe she can be released to 1 crutch! And we are in the final 6 weeks of school! Woo Hoo!!

Have a great week!


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miruspeg said...

Thanks for the update Carrie.
It is going to be fun having Tyler around again. I know how much you love your kids and they will leave home one day!

Hope you feel better soon my friend.

Big hugs
Peggy xxxxx