Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why My Blog is Named What it Is

I've had several people ask me why my blog is named Square Funk. Well, my maiden name is Skvarenina. What a mouth full you say! It is pronounced: Square - Nine - Ah!

Now I married Kevin Funk, so there were 2 of us, thus, Funk squared!

The other question I get is why I sign my name Cozyflier. Well, most of you know my name is Carrie. But, we love flying. Our airplane that we built in our garage is called a COZY. So when I fly it with my husband I'm a Cozyflier! that is why I sign my name such!

so there are 2 explanations for why my blog is named and why I sign my name!

Mystery solved! Anymore questions? Bring em on!!



miruspeg said...

Skvarenina looks like quite a mouth full Carrie but breaking it down to Square-Nine-Ah.....it is much easier to remember.
I was wondering what the Squared part of your name referred to, so mystery solved.

I love that photo of Kevin and the kids in Cozy. It must be such a buzz flying in that wonderful machine.

Big hugs
Peggy xxxxx

Cozyflier said...

Peggy, I'm glad I cleared your confusion! We have a little drawing that we use to show people how to pronounce our name. Draw a square, the number nine, and a small 'a' !!!

If computers had squares back in the day I would have legally changed the spelling of my name when I was younger!

Happy Easter my friend!