Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Blackmobil and Robin!

Kevin and I took the van in to make an appointment to be repaired. It had been giving us more problems and getting up there in mileage. Kev said, lets looks at what is on the lot just for fun!! This is what we found:

This van was used like the previous Honda, but it is 1 year newer and has 20,000 less miles than the white van I had! It also has a GPS system and a backup camera! So, next time there is a wasp in the car and Amelia freaks out I won't back up into a brick wall!! Hopefully :-))

Thus, meet Robin:

Since Kevin nicknamed the car the Blackmobil, I nicknamed the GPS Robin!!! I thought it was appropriate! Robin talks to me too! Pretty cool, you can tell I'm easily amused!

It is difficult getting use to looking for a black van in a parking lot though after having a white van for 4 years!



miruspeg said...

Hope you have many years of safe travelling in your Blackmobil Carrie!

I haven't got a GPS but most of my friend's have and they enjoy interacting with the voice especially when they don't follow the GPS's instructions and she tells them to turn around.

Take care and big hugs.
Peggy xxxxx

Jeanette said...

Love the van. I used to drive a mini van and loved it.
A GPS can be very intertaining. We actually use the one on my daughters phone and like to hear the lady tell us to make a U turn when we veer off the course.
Enjoy your new ride.