Friday, January 6, 2012

1900 Park Fare....Dining

While at WDW we did one character meal. We only did one because of all the good food we would be having on the cruise! We like 1900 Park Fare, have been there many times, but this was the first time with Cinderella and her step family. The food was great as usual, and the characters were lots of fun.

Cindy's Prince Charming, very nice, but not my Prince!!!

AJ and Amelia with the Prince.

Kev with Cinderella...  only fair since I stood with the Prince!

Since Chris couldn't take time from college, our friend Dana came with us.   She flew down on Friday.

Dana and Amelia with Anastasia!

She was funny!

Drizella with AJ

Drizella with Amelia

Drizella with Amelia

Lady Tremaine...

Lady Tremaine mad us cross our arms and said, throw your head up!

Tyler wasn't getting up, the characters liked hassling him!

Have you eaten at 1900 Park Fare? We've eaten with Mickey & Minnie, Mary & Burt, and Belle and the Beast at this restaurant. They always have a section of food that is kid friendly and they had Mickey plates for the kids! I got one for me!!


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