Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Week at Walt Disney World

Well if you follow my blog you know we went to WDW for Thanksgiving, then the Cruise, and then back to WDW for 2 days. I've felt so behind ever since coming home on my birthday that I was barely ready for Christmas! So, before 2012 gets here, I'm going to catch you up on the wonderful trip! (Well, I tried to get this posted before the New Year! Illness interrupted.

We left home, 5 of us in the van 2 days before Thanksgiving. We arrived at Animal Kingdom Villas, Kidani Village, on Thanksgiving Day! People on vacation everywhere. We had to stop and remember it was Thanksgiving.

Something about seeing Walt Disney World in your GPS makes me smile :-)

We made it!

We had a 1 bedroom with open door to an efficiency to make a two bedroom condo!

Beautiful and spacious!

Master bath....

Living room - Simba and Nala are carved into the entertainment system!

2nd bedroom

OK, this is funny...  Look at the colored tiles carefully.  Do you see the one out of place?  Don't worry, neither did I until Kevin pointed it out!

Animals at AKV, love it!

Tree in the lobby!  Disney has a ton of big trees!  glad I don't have to store all of them!  This is the lobby of Jambo House.  But the tree in Kidani was just as big!

We broke tradition is all ways this trip.  We did not go to Downtown Disney first, we did NOT eat at Rainforest Cafe, and we did not go to MK first!  Instead, we went to Hollywood studios so Kevin could see the new Star Tours enhancements!

Another BIG tree!  I love them :-)

Love the big film reel!

Couldn't resist!  We had to eat Mickey Bars with our T's!!  And yes, AJ's fell on the ground just like on the shirt!

Enjoying our treats, everyone thought it was a good time to check their phones!

 Who's your favorite?  McQueen or Tow-mater?!?

 It's not easy being green!


 YUM!  Decisions, decisions!

 Dancing Mickey-ettes!  This was a great window display.

After a fun day in the park, we returned to AKV. We took a bus over to Jambo and had dinner at BOMA. Oh my goodness, what a selection of food for Thanksgiving feasting. We all ate a ton!

 I got my turkey leg!  I also fell in love with Butternut squash soup!

 I got a birthday cupcake!!  This trip was for my birthday!

 Expansion bridge across  lobby of Jambo House!

It was a great Thanksgiving :-) Although it didn't feel like a holiday.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful for you.


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