Monday, May 28, 2012

Grilled Tater Tots!

Kev got this recipe from a nurse at one of the many hospitals he works in. It is so easy and so GOOD!!!! So Good. So Good. Had to get my Neil feel in there!! OK, grab some foil, tear a square, put a dab of butter/margarine in, put a few frozen tots in, about 6, sprinkle in some season salt, garlic, pepper, onion powder, and the roasted red pepper sprinkle season. Wrap it up and throw it on the grill while you cook your meat. Serve with your meal. YUM! The tots will be soft and did I say Yummy? That is it. How is that for Easy?



Try this on your grill, you'll be glad you did! Cozyflier

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Amelia said...

very good Tater Tots!!