Sunday, April 29, 2012

8th Grade Banquet

Saturday night was Amelia's 8th Grade Banquet. It was really special because a boy asked her to go! She has been in heaven since he asked her. We got to meet him a week ago when we did a little party for a friend. Alex is very nice and very tall! The banquet was at a very nice country club, Alex and his father picked up Amelia and when they were ready to leave, the Stang and I went out to bring them home. We picked up some ice cream after wards and came home then we took Alex home! However, before banquet, we had taking pictures. Luckily, Ashley, 'adopted' daughter came over and helped take pics because I was crazy busy cooking dinner because Dad was leaving town to go work a reverse 24 hour shift! The good news is Dad was actually home to see Amelia! So, here are pictures!

 NO, we didn't buy the dress to match the car!  Actually, we bought this dress for the cruise last Nov/Dec!!!  I had banquet in mind when we bought cruise dresses for Amelia!

 Just chilling!

 'Sisters'!  Like I said, Ashley had to take most of these pics, but I kept running around, posing Amelia!  It is amazing that I didn't burn dinner.  I just love my grill!  How's that for a non-sequiter!

 You want me on Top of my car!!

 Wish I could drive us to Banquet!

 Watch out DAD!!!

 Aw, brothers and sisters can get along!

 Father and daughter!


 Most of the family!

 Waiting on Alex!!

 Hair, makeup, and nails ` Gorgeous!!!!!

 Just love all those curls!!

 Amelia and Alex!

Well, this was the first hurdle! I guess next will be Jr/Sr prom. I know I'm biased, but I think Amelia looked just beautiful. Alex is very nice and polite. Oh, the kids filled out forms in school this past week and voted for classmates on who would be the most likely to:...... Amelia was voted to Most likely to be an 8th Grade Teacher! So this was Amelia's 8th grade banquet. Such an exciting weekend. Cozyflier


Amelia said...

I loved Banquet. I had so much fun. Thanks mom, I love you too!! You are such a great mother, I could not ask for anyone better than you and dad!!!(: I love you!!

Jessica Quap said...

You look beautiful Amelia. And Alex looked so handsome. I hope you guys had a blast!!!! You would make a great teacher!

miruspeg said...

Carrie looks like you had lots of fun taking these photos.
You all look fabulous!
Big hugs
Peggy xxxxx

MapleMouseMama said...

Wonderful photos Carrie! You have a beautiful daughter and she looked so happy. Truly lovely family to boot :-)


Cozyflier said...

Thanks for the comments!