Friday, January 6, 2012

Disney Dream Shows

If you are cruising on the Disney Dream you will never be bored! Entertainment is around every corner. There are live shows, movies, night clubs, dancing, and characters. The kids have their own clubs depending on age with lot of entertainment also. But let me share what I experienced.
When the ship departs from Port Canaveral you have a Sail Away party!  The main kid pool is covered over with a deck and the big screen is used.  Look on the screen, see the Tie Dyed shirts - that is us!

They show Cast Away Cay (pronounced Key) to let you know where you will be headed!

After Dinner,  you can go see the Golden Mickey show, this was a lot of fun.  The premise is Golden Mickeys are awarded to different movies.  A Golden Mickey is like an Oscar!  The show is done like a Broadway theater production and very enjoyable.  Not going to show you all of the pics!
Everyone loves Cruella!
You've got a friend in me!
Beauty and the Beast...

The Grand Finale!
Definitely take this show in when you are on the Dream.

While we were on the ship Taylor Mason, ventriloquist, was on board for entertainment. He did an adult show and a family show. Taylor was hilarious. I've seen Jeff Dunham live and now Taylor. Taylor has several friends and he made all of them!
Taylor and Romeo!
A hidden Mickey on the stage decor!
Taylor and Pacho!

There are also many opportunities to meet characters, get autographs, and have pictures taken! I love getting pictures with characters :-)

Princess Tattianna (sp?) was on her way to the dinning room!  She was graciousness enough to stop for a quick pick in the hall!

The night clubs have live entertainment at night!

And according to AJ, my 12 year old son, there are scavenger hunts, video game competitions, and many other games for the tweens club kids to do. We would see AJ for breakfast and dinner and that would be it. The first night we were all in bed and AJ came in at 1am!! I had to tell him to be home by midnight after that!

So if you haven't taken a Disney Cruise, you are in for a treat. There is always something to do whether a movie, live show, sitting at the pool, or going to a club you'll never want for things to do! In fact the trouble is trying to fit them all in!


1900 Park Fare....Dining

While at WDW we did one character meal. We only did one because of all the good food we would be having on the cruise! We like 1900 Park Fare, have been there many times, but this was the first time with Cinderella and her step family. The food was great as usual, and the characters were lots of fun.

Cindy's Prince Charming, very nice, but not my Prince!!!

AJ and Amelia with the Prince.

Kev with Cinderella...  only fair since I stood with the Prince!

Since Chris couldn't take time from college, our friend Dana came with us.   She flew down on Friday.

Dana and Amelia with Anastasia!

She was funny!

Drizella with AJ

Drizella with Amelia

Drizella with Amelia

Lady Tremaine...

Lady Tremaine mad us cross our arms and said, throw your head up!

Tyler wasn't getting up, the characters liked hassling him!

Have you eaten at 1900 Park Fare? We've eaten with Mickey & Minnie, Mary & Burt, and Belle and the Beast at this restaurant. They always have a section of food that is kid friendly and they had Mickey plates for the kids! I got one for me!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Week at Walt Disney World

Well if you follow my blog you know we went to WDW for Thanksgiving, then the Cruise, and then back to WDW for 2 days. I've felt so behind ever since coming home on my birthday that I was barely ready for Christmas! So, before 2012 gets here, I'm going to catch you up on the wonderful trip! (Well, I tried to get this posted before the New Year! Illness interrupted.

We left home, 5 of us in the van 2 days before Thanksgiving. We arrived at Animal Kingdom Villas, Kidani Village, on Thanksgiving Day! People on vacation everywhere. We had to stop and remember it was Thanksgiving.

Something about seeing Walt Disney World in your GPS makes me smile :-)

We made it!

We had a 1 bedroom with open door to an efficiency to make a two bedroom condo!

Beautiful and spacious!

Master bath....

Living room - Simba and Nala are carved into the entertainment system!

2nd bedroom

OK, this is funny...  Look at the colored tiles carefully.  Do you see the one out of place?  Don't worry, neither did I until Kevin pointed it out!

Animals at AKV, love it!

Tree in the lobby!  Disney has a ton of big trees!  glad I don't have to store all of them!  This is the lobby of Jambo House.  But the tree in Kidani was just as big!

We broke tradition is all ways this trip.  We did not go to Downtown Disney first, we did NOT eat at Rainforest Cafe, and we did not go to MK first!  Instead, we went to Hollywood studios so Kevin could see the new Star Tours enhancements!

Another BIG tree!  I love them :-)

Love the big film reel!

Couldn't resist!  We had to eat Mickey Bars with our T's!!  And yes, AJ's fell on the ground just like on the shirt!

Enjoying our treats, everyone thought it was a good time to check their phones!

 Who's your favorite?  McQueen or Tow-mater?!?

 It's not easy being green!


 YUM!  Decisions, decisions!

 Dancing Mickey-ettes!  This was a great window display.

After a fun day in the park, we returned to AKV. We took a bus over to Jambo and had dinner at BOMA. Oh my goodness, what a selection of food for Thanksgiving feasting. We all ate a ton!

 I got my turkey leg!  I also fell in love with Butternut squash soup!

 I got a birthday cupcake!!  This trip was for my birthday!

 Expansion bridge across  lobby of Jambo House!

It was a great Thanksgiving :-) Although it didn't feel like a holiday.

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful for you.