Monday, October 12, 2009

The Corn Maize

Today was Kevin's first Saturday off in a month! We decided not to work on the shed, not to paint, nor did we clean house! Instead we had a family fun day ;) Plus a few friends, always makes it more fun.

We went to the local Corn Maize. This has become a fall tradition in the last 4 or 5 years and the kids love it. I just wish we could get some nice sunny weather!!! Anyway, here is a look at the fun we had on Saturday.

Kevin & Chris in back. AJ, Alyssa, Amelia, Mackenzie, Ashley, and Taylor in front of Amelia!

A bunch of funny faces!

The 'race' is on!!!!!

The Corn Cannon, the targets, big 12 signs! AJ hit OU right off and got a free candy!! Sorry Stephanie!

There were an array of animals to pet and feed, but that will be another blog!!

The highlight of the day for Amelia and our friend's daughters was the helicopter ride! AJ refused to go! Guess he likes the airplane. Anyway, one of friends, saw that one coming didn't you(?), owns a helicopter. To help pay for this toy he does rides for a small fee!! Amelia and the girls got a big treat thanks to Kevin and pilot Wally! The girls live very close to the maize and the airport so Wally got permission from Lubbock control tower to fly them over their home! Alyssa wants to be a pilot when she grows up! We are doing all we can from our standpoint to encourage her. I think her grin says it all!

So, how was your weekend?


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