Saturday, October 17, 2009

We Did It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My niece, Stephanie, texted me Tuesday. Their Fall Break camping trip fell apart. Were we busy? No, come on down!!! OK, but DON'T tell anyone were my orders!

I did warn her that I'm in the middle of painting, this she knows because we text everyday! She offered to help!

As it happened, AJ had early dismissal from school, noon, and Amelia - 12:40. If Stephanie and the girls wanted to get here to really surprise them they would have to leave EARLY!

Well, we did it! AJ sort of overheard me talking to a friend at PTA Thursday night, he was a little suspicious, but Amelia squealed, screamed, and hollered with delight as she pick up her cousins and swung them around in circles!!! The robotics team was totally confused!

Our neighbor, Ashley, was shocked when the doorbell rang, and there was Stephanie. Ashley started crying. Yes, they are close! My oldest Chris was surprised when he called me and Stephanie answered the phone!

So, we proved we can keep a secret! Very difficult to pull off, not to publish anything on facebook, and not to 'slip'!!!! But it was fun to surprise the kids!!!!

Having a fun filled busy weekend.


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Stefunkc said...

Finally a suprise that worked! I loved each and every reaction:c)