Monday, October 17, 2011

At'L Do Farm Corn Maize ~ Outside Lubbock, TX

I think it is October, but the weather is acting more like March. It was 90* Saturday! Kevin was home on a Saturday, woo hoo!! Everyone was suppose to be off, at the last minute, Tyler had to work, DRAT!

Anyway, we ended up having a BEAUTIFUL day to go to the local CORN MAIZE! I discovered it had been 2 yrs since we had been, where does the time go? This year is a tribute to Buddy Holly. Get ready to enjoy our fun filled day, we tried to do it all! If you live in Lubbock and haven't done the Corn Maize you are missing out! You really need to go on out and have some fun!

Cagan, Chelsea, AJ and Amelia

Will the Great Pumpkin visit this patch??

This is an aerial view of the maize

Throughout the maize there are markers. At the beginning you choose which set of questions you want to answer.  We took the Halloween questions!

Which way do we go?

Great family fun, we all separated and then would run into each other in the maize!  Chris and Micah went without a map!


Cagan and AJ tried out the corn cannon, AJ won a free candy!

Amelia and Chelsea did the maize without a map, at this point they were 'lost'!

We picked up corn in the maize and then headed over to the animals.  Everyone loves to feed the animals!

The hayride to the pumpkin patch.

Amelia and Chelsea tried out the bungee jump!

Amelia took these 2 photos, on my old 'broken' camera.  They are my favorites!!

This patch looks very sincere!

Have you and your family visited a corn maize or a pumpkin patch? This is a family tradition for us, even though we missed a couple years! We did it straight for 4 years! I love looking at our pumpkin pictures!



Cathy Flory said...

Great Pictures. You all look like you are having a great adventure. Good to see Chris included in the family pic. Haven't seen him in so long. Looks like Chris has a girl friend?

McMGrad89 said...

When we lived in TX we went every year. It was so much fun. I like that your maze has an overlook. Once you were in our maze, you were in the maze. (BTW did you hear about the couple that had to call the police to get out of the maze they went into??)

Every weekend this October, Caitlin has a band function that takes her away early in the morning and doesn't return her until midnight or later. I didn't want to go without her, but it looks like we might have to.

Cozyflier said...

Cathy, yes Chris has a girlfriend, Micah. I didn't tag them because they get upset with me!

Annemarie, it is so difficult to get all the schedules to jive. We had to go without Tyler, didn't want to, but didn't have a choice. The last 2 times it was without Doc!

Yes, we heard about the couple in Mass. The employees were telling us NOT to call 911!!

I really like the bridges in the maize!