Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dr. FrankenFunk's Halloween Bash

Last night was the Halloween party! We had about 60 people here and everyone had a great time. I had been cooking all week, did you notice my absence? I made cake pop pumpkins with help, chex mix, Halloween party mix, sugar cookies, needed help decorating them, guacamole, queso, pretzel rods molded in chocolate, crescent mummies, brownies, chili, Friendship Bread, and I don't know what else!

We had the Zip Cord, the Trampoline, Balloon Pop, Mummy Wrap, Just Dance on the Wii, Glow-in-the-dark Chalk, face painting, and a Professional Photographer!

Because of everything going on, Amelia has been under the weather, I didn't get very many pictures ~ only 100!!! I have to wait on the pro's pics!!! So, you all are saved and don't have to be bored with thousands of pics!!

 Look closely in the tree, you see webs!

 The cake pops turned out really cute!

 Jessica is so talented when it comes to painting faces!

 Some of my molded candy!

 Orange and purple lights with a few ghosties on the trampoline!

 Zip cord fun!

 Dana, Chris, Kevin

Jessica Young the face painter

 More face paint art work!  And look how great Tyler looks!

 I need to get a picture of the back of Amelia's jacket, it says:  NCIS, Special Agent

 Grecian Goddesses

 This is the crowd that formed when AJ and a friend started just dance on the Wii

 Chris, Donna, and Tyler

 Nick was pround of his angry bird!

 Dancing boys!

 Webs in my trees!!

We managed NOT to get a picture of Kev and me on my camera! Oh well, I will post as soon as I have it. We were pirates!

Did you have a Hallowen party? The kids love having one! And what is neat is that kids came up to me during the party and told me how much fun they were having! Parties are hard work, but worth it!

Happy Halloween!



McMGrad89 said...

Last Friday we had the fall festival at church where I picked up germs from the kids I helped at the moon bounce. I thought I was safe there. Then Wednesday was Trunk or Treat at school. The kids then went on holiday from the 27 through this coming Monday. Friday was our last district football game and Saturday the band went to a competition at Mizzou. Today Cait went to a Halloween birthday party and tomorrow is trick or treat. Yeah we had some celebrating going on here. I will ready for it to be over.

Jeanette said...

Looks like you had a great party. I love the food picture. It all looks so good. The face painter does a wonderful job. I am impressed. Your kids are very lucky to have parents that go all out for a party like this. I like reading about the things that you do with your kids!!

miruspeg said...

The Funks sure know how to party.....whatever the occasion.
Happy Halloween my friend.
Peggy xxxxxx

Cozyflier said...

Annemarie, I hope you are feeling better. Your life really needs to slow down! Our school did a Trunk or Treat last year, don't know if we are doing one this year.

Jeanette, I had way more food than that one pic shows! Just wait for the rest of the pics! And yes, my kids tell me thank you all the time!

Peggy, you will have to come some time for one of the parties! Or we will have to throw a party when you come from Australia!

Hugs my friends!