Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at the Funks!

Well, as I had mentioned, Kevin is working today, Christmas Day. So we celebrated yesterday. I cooked for 3 days, more if you count all the desserts!

Here are some pics form our day, we had some friends join us so I didn't have to take pics! I still have left overs if anyone is hungry!

A WHITE Christmas Eve and Christmas!!!  But, the snow is gone now....

Mom at the table.  Spy the Mickeys??!!

Semi buffet, semi on the table!  Too much food!

Even the pool table becomes a serving table!

Are you hungry?

Fixing plates!

Our stockings!

What treasures are in the stockings?

Notice the village in the background?  That is about 2/3's of my collection!  Gizmo has wreaked havoc on it this year!

My new knife set!  Yea, I can clean out all the OLD ones from 25-30 yrs ago!  Some were Mom's!

 The cats other gift, a Pirate ship!

 Ashley and Zack, our 'adopted' children.  Ashley loves penguins, Zack ~ Buzz!!!

 It's a nut cracker!!

Do you remember Ducktales?

 Tyler gets tools!

 Amelia, Grammie, Chris, Micah, and Conrad.

 The cats like the new 'home'!

 Love my new flip flops! 
 The family....

Conrad and Donna with Grammie!

We hope you and your family have had a blessed and lovely Christmas.

I also hope your Christmas was magical!


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miruspeg said...

Carrie it looks like a wonderful festive time was had by all!
Great photos, thanks for sharing them.
Big hugs
Peggy xxxxx