Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School SPIRIT Days!!!

Every school has spirit days to my knowledge. But it seems to me that they have gotten a lot more fun since I was in school back in the dark ages!! When Chris and Tyler were in elementary everything was always 50's day and crazy sock day. Even when Amelia was in Kinder it was 50's.

 But middle school the last 3 years and high school are really with 'IT'!!! Now we have Nerd Day, Crazy Hair Day, Generation Day, Would You Still Be My Friend If I Wore.... Day, Hippie Day, Mis-Matched Day, Twin Day, etc! Further more my kids are 'brave' enough to wear wild and crazy things to school!

 Would you still be my friend if I wore.......?     In this case....Star Wars Pod Racing Geek Helmet!!!

 Crazy Hair Day ~ 3, count 'em THREE wigs!!!!  Yes, AJ wore a Dorthy wig, a Punk Rock wig, and a Light Up Yeti wig from Animal Kingdom!!  This is sure to make the yearbook!!!

 Nerd Day!  Have you seen all the CRAZY DUCK TAPE out when 'back to school' supplies are out in August?  I think my kids keep them in business!!!  If wearing 3 homemade hair bows is not nerdy, a homemade bow tie, and necktie, the glasses, then I don't know what is!!!!

 This is Tourist Day!!!  Can you tell Amelia takes after her Mom?!!!  Look closely at the EARS.  Sorry, it was 7:55am, I'm still asleep!   But these are the new GLOW EARS! Disney T, Ears, camera, lanyard, with room key, and lanyard for school ID.  I think she passed for a Tourist!! Oh and a Backpack!

AJ decided to go against years of tradition and NOT be Star Wars for Halloween!!  WOW, I was in shock.  Well, it paid off!  The school had Generations Day!  How Cool!  I told him he could be past or future!!!  He decided to be past and be Original  TREK ~ I raise my kids so well!

Do your schools have crazy spirit days? Do your kids dress up? Seems like I'm always digging around to find something for AJ or Amelia so the can dress up for school! Usually the night before! Most of the time they have to pay $1 ~ this is raising money for United Way.

Please tell me what kind of special days your schools have.  If you are a teacher, do you dress up??


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