Friday, August 10, 2012

Segway Awesomeness

I survived a week driving around DC an accomplishment in and of itself! I spent more on parking than souvenirs!  But what we decided is that the ONLY way to get around Washington DC and have a blast doing it is on a Segway. The Segway is a motorized way to get around and after about 15 minutes of introduction you can ride one. Let me say that if I lived in DC, or LA, or NYC, I would own a Segway!

After 10 mins I was taking pictures with one hand while still going 5 mph on the Segway! We covered 15 miles in 2 hours and got up close and personal with lots of places that I wasn't going to get to on foot!

The park across the street from the Segway office.  Practicing our street skills!  We were lucky, our group was only 5 people!  Alex thought this was amazing!

 On Capitol hill literally!  Amelia and Alex raced around the fountain.  Alex never wanted to stop for pics!!

 Do you see Lady Freedom on top of the Rotunda?  She stands 19' tall.  No statute in DC is allowed to be taller than she is.  And yes, that police car is there ALL the time and 'ruins' the photos!!

There are barricades to keep you from going up these stairs as well as security!

The view from the Capitol, you can see across the Mall and how beautiful the Washington Monument is.

I think you all know where this is!!!!

The S lawn view!

This is a fountain outside the, I believe, The American Indian Smithsonian.  I caught these on the fly completely.

 These 2 pics are also caught on the fly, I was holding my camera up and over my shoulder while navigating through people on the sidewalk!

 These statutes are across the street from the Capitol.  Below is President Garfield. Can't remember above! Sorry

 I left the 'JUMP' to Amelia!!!!

OK, these are for the "Bones" fans like my daughter!  She wanted nothing more than to see the FBI Building. :-)  We went by it on the Segways, so these again aren't great quality.  

 This royally cracked me up!  I've never seen a light for bicycles.  when I put this on FB, my brother told me they have them in Talinn, Estonia!  My brother knows everything!  

Have you ever ridden a Segway? Do you want to ride one now? They really are awesome!


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Tim said...

Rider on horse statue is US Grant