Thursday, August 9, 2012

Washington DC Memorials & Monument

Do you know the difference between a monument and a memorial? A monument is built while you are alive. Hence we have one monument in DC, the Washington Monument. It was started, they ran out of money and than finished it. When they dug back down in the quarry, the rocks changed color, that is why it is a different color part way up. Just in case you didn't know that story! A memorial is built and dedicated to someone or in honor of people after they have passed. It pays tribute to them for their accomplishments. Washington DC has many memorials! Here are pictures:

The Washington Monument
You can see the color change.
Alex in front of Washington Monument
Carrie and Washington Monument

Amelia and the Monument!  Gail, my sister, made our nifty shirts!!

The Lincoln Memorial, Abe Lincoln was from Illinois!  I was born and raised in Illinois and was sister was born on Lincoln's B-day, Feb, 12 just in case you ever need to know that for a trivia contest!

I don't have photoshop, but that is Amelia in Red, and Alex at her elbow!

Amelia and Alex below.

Jefferson Memorial

 I almost killed myself trying to do a 'jump' picture!  I fell when I tripped on the marble stairs, boy did I feel like a fool!  51 yrs old is NOT 15!!!!!

 Amelia did NOT fall!!!

The Jefferson as seen from the paddle boats!

Proof that we did the paddle boats!  Oh they were fun, but I wasn't paddling!!!  I left that for the 2 young'ins!!

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial at Dusk

 The only president to serve 4 terms.

 Before Television

 Eleanor Roosevelt went up in a plane with Amelia Earhart!

WW II Memorial
 This memorial is significant to me because my father who has passed, and my father-in-law both served in WWII.  My father, Stephen M. Skvarenina was a navigator on a B-24 Mitchell and was shot down in Switzerland.  Harelton Funk was a Seabee in the Navy.

 The memorial is beautiful.

Martin Luther King Memorial

 Dr. King was the stone of hope.

This is a magnificent memorial.

The Korean War Memorial

Washington DC is filled with so much history. We were there 5 days and you just can't see everything. It would take over a month to see all the museums! AJ did his conference, and had a blast. I did take AJ to the Jefferson Memorial on our last day because he had not been there.

Have you been to DC? What did you like best?



Tim said...

Hate to wreck your story but the Washington Monument wasn't started until about 50 years after his death.

Cozyflier said...

Well, I'll have to contact the Old Town Trolley Tours and tell the guides, because that is what the tour guide told us!!