Friday, August 10, 2012

The First Manassas

We drove over to Virginia, Manassas to be specific to see the sight of the first battle of the Civil War. This is the battle of Bull Run, this is where 'StoneWall' Jackson got his nickname. Chock full of history. We got there in between Park tour guide times. So we walked around, read some, I took lots of pictures and then we met a cousin on Kevin's side of the family. Thanks Rae for driving us around and showing us some of the cool sights. Also, thanks for suggesting that we come out to Virginia!

Virginia split rail fence, I fell in love with this fence! Rae told me that all the land inside the fence is protected land.

The medical kit, WOW is all I could think.  I came home and asked Doc if he could practice medicine with only this?!?

Yes, they were handsomely dressed.

Amelia was amazed at the size of the artillery, try carrying that in a backpack.

This poster gave me chills.  I'm sorry, there are several shots, so you can see the entire thing. 

Amelia by a cannon

The Henry House, the battle took place on their land.

 Supposedly, Jackson never left this spot during the battles!
The stone house witnessed fighting during the First and Second Manassas and served as an aid station to the wounded following both battles.  Two wounded Union soldiers were taken to the Stone House and carved their names into the floor boards.

 Were women allowed in Taverns back in those times?  The Stone House was also a tavern!

 The stairwell was blocked, I really wanted to take Amelia's picture on those stairs!

Alex discovered that doorway were not as big back then!!

The Stone Bridge: 

 This beautiful bridge was blown up twice and rebuilt.  It was a vital artery during the war.

 I fell in love with bridge!  I wish we had a bridge like this in Lubbock, TX!!  I wish we had trees like this!

 Silly girl, she has to do her 'jump' pic!!!!  My niece started this, you are to blame Stephanie!!

 Alex looks so handsome.

After the sightseeing we drove into downtown Manassas for dinner. This is a town I could spend days in! We had a great meal at a cajun restaurant then saw the old train station. Then we drove back to Silver Spring. If you live on the E coast you can spend all your free time absorbing history!


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