Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ever Dreamed of Joining a Band?

Now you can be joined by a Silly Band!!! Have you seen this latest rage? I have NOT spent one cent on these "SILLY", crazy, dare I say stupid rubber bands and yet look how many AJ and Amelia have!

AJ's collection!

Amelia's Collection!

These silly things are everywhere, and cost a small fortune! AJ decided that he wanted some of these so he asked a friend at school. He came home one day with 6! And the collection grew.

Wish I had invented this craze.  I'd like to be rolling in the dough or stretching in the band!



McMGrad89 said...

I think their cute. I would have wanted them at their age. My daughter has them. My son wants them. I don't think the cost is too dear. I get packages of them for 2 dollars with 12 bands in them.

Cheryl said...

My kids have them too....my almost 6 year old son isn't into them as much as my almost 9 year old daughter is...but I agree with McMGrad89...I think they're cute...and we usually buy the cheap Wal-Mart version "Googly Bands"...they're only $1.00 for a pkg. of 12 here. :o) Silly Bands are $4.99 for 24 in our neck of the woods...I've only bought one package of those, but I don't think they're any better than the cheap ones....as long as my kids are happy with the cheap ones, that's what I'll be buying...LOL :o)