Wednesday, September 29, 2010


If you will recall, the flood back on the 4th of July you will remember that we had to have the carpet ripped out!

Such has been the status of my floor since then! Well, a couple of weeks ago like around the middle of the month we ordered laminate flooring. It orginally was going to come in in 2 days and be installed within 3 days. Ha, yeah right!! C'est la vie

Here is the flooring acclimating! I was told it had to be in my home for 24 hours before it could be installed. Well it sat in my dining room for 8 days!

Furniture Everywhere!! It have to leave the den and go somewhere.

New floor going in!

The Supervisor!

Gizmo was curious, R2-D2 was nowhere to be found!

Ready for the last piece!

Just need trim!

I LOVE my new floor!!! The den seems bigger and brighter! I just don't want to have to move all the 'junk' back in! Oh well, guess I'm not in a big rush. Kevin had a great idea, leave everything out and make it a ballroom! Gosh, don't do much ballroom dancing :-)

Hmm, wonder if anymore floors will be in our future??


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