Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gizmos and Gadgets!

WTBEST robotics kicked off last Saturday! This year will be challenging and exciting for the kids. There are some changes, the spotters have a job in the 'factory'.

Maybe I should backup. The objective of the robot is to sort Gizmos and Gadgets to make sure none of the parts are defective. Then, the robot has to get the product ready for shipping. The driver has to run the robot, and the spotter has to sort the gadgets by color into their respective tubes. Each round is only 3 minutes long.

The Demo Robot demonstrates how to package the gizmos for shipping!

Inventory of the parts ~ you have to build your robot from a box of parts that are supplied to you, you can't use anything that isn't in the box!

AJ checks out Gadgets!

Now for the next 6 weeks the team will be working very hard to design a robot to achieve the goal of the course. Stay tuned for updates! I'll be going to school to help and the team will be working at our house on the weekends!

Visit http://www.wtbest.org/home/ to find out more!


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