Monday, September 20, 2010

Triple Whammy!

I can't believe I did it! I planned, I schemed, I had a nervous break down, but I pulled off three, count 'em three surprises this past weekend!!!!!

First off I surprised Amelia and AJ with a visit from their cousins! Stephanie and the girls came in from OKC with our son Tyler, now the kids knew Tyler was coming, but didn't know about the girls! Bazinga!!

Second, I surprised Kevin with everyone coming to town! How you might ask? Well, seeing as he works out of town A LOT, it kind of slipped my mind to tell him his son, his, niece, and great nieces were coming to town!!! We were going to surprise him on Friday night when he got back in town after being gone 9 days, and everyone arrived, but 'surprisingly' enough, his scheduled changed at the last minute! Kevin didn't get back into town until Saturday morning at 8 am. We had a continuing medical education meeting scheduled for 4 hrs, so his surprise was delayed until noon! It went off quite well! I had to pretend to be surprised too!

After diner we came home, to:

Third: Surprise B-day party!! Bazinga!!!

The kids waiting to surprise Doc!

Someone stepped in front of me, I missed Kevin blowing out his candles!

I didn't get a lot of pictures. Because of the Texas Tech vs UT game we only had 17 friends and family come to the party. But we all had a great time.

Kevin's real b-day gift was a table saw that is absolutely awesome. He, Chris, and Tyler put it together Sunday.

Kev's birthday is tomorrow, the 21st. Happy Birthday sweetie, hope you enjoyed your party! I love you :-)


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