Wednesday, October 20, 2010

$500, $1,500, $3.500, $5,000!!!

When my sister who is 12 1/2 years older than myself had to have braces the cost was $500.  Mind you she was born in 1949, go forward to the early 60's and that was a lot of money!  Now, go forward to the 70's and my braces were even more expensive ~ $1,500!  Chris and Tyler had braces, in the 90's and the cost was $3,500! now it is Amelia and AJ's turn.

Yes, that is what we did yesterday!  The cost for each of them?  $5,000!  NO, we don't have dental insurance!  I think Kevin should have been an orthodontist instead of a doctor!  The new technology of the Damon braces is really cool.  The Doc's (ortho's) use the mouth molds to fit the braces to the teeth.  So when we took the kids in, they brought out these plastic molds, like your crest white strips, and placed them on the teeth.  Then they used this ultra violet heat tool to set the brace to the tooth.  Peeled of the plastic mold, heat set the brace some more, then put in the wire, and viola, you are done!

Look at the pictures below, I tried to get the procedure, but it was difficult!  Anyway, the kids will have braces for 14 to 18 months!  Oh joy!!  And we have empty wallets :-)

Amelia before!

 The ultra violet light heat sets the braces on the bottom.

 AJ is prepped and ready!

Wish I could have this tool for Halloween!

AJ with braces :-)

I have a picture showing Amelia with hers, and her cool colored chain in front to close her gap, but the computer is not wanting to upload the pic!  Oh how I hate technology sometimes!

Oh well, just had to share the kids misery. 


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McMGrad89 said...

I have never seen bands like AJs before. Granted I got my braces back in 1970 something and had to wear a headgear.