Friday, October 1, 2010

You Have To Be Smarter Than the Technology!

Personally I greatly dislike T-9, the auto spell feature on cell phones. You start to spell a word while texting and this feature pops up with a word it thinks you are trying to type. People in a hurry don't read and select! Thus the problem. Have you received a text that made no sense at all?? I have on many occasions, the most recent being Tuesday.

I receive this: "New Egg has Groombo available for $19.99, blu ray/DVD combo!"
My response: " ??? did you mean Ironman???"
His response: " yes, I didn't check T-9!"

So, when he was here at my house yesterday I was asking him about the text and he pulls out his phone. He starts to type Ironman, and it changes to Groombo! So we had a laugh.

I'm getting pretty good at deciphering texts that make no sense, but I do wish people would proof before sending. Just saying :-)


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Jeanette said...

I am impressed that you can decipher those texts. : )