Monday, October 25, 2010

You've Heard of 52 Card Pickup???

Oh to have had some extra hands for a picture.  There we were, in the check out lane at SAMS, on a busy Sunday afternoon.  A place I normally don't frequent on the weekend.  Amelia and I were unloading 2 carts of goodies and necessities for the upcoming Halloween Party.  All of a sudden I hear,

MOM, !!  I quickly turn and there they were, 250 small super bouncy balls going every direction!!!  I leaned forward, caught the container, caught 4 between me and the counter, but that was that, goodbye bouncy balls!  Then, within the next 2 minutes the most marvelous thing happened.  Kids from all around started handing me bouncy balls.  Kids were going under check out counters, under display counters, and even the guy at the door who checks your list came to me and asked, "Are you the lady with the bouncy balls"?, when I replied yes, he plopped 2 in my hand!

Amelia's red face, was now cracking up, my friend, Donna, who had gone with us, was laughing so hard, and I was having a hard time getting the balls back into the container fast enough for all the little hands wanting to give me more!   I just kept saying "thank you" to all these little kids who had hand fulls of balls!  Then the check out lady almost took the lid off again.  Oi!  Help me get out of here.  What was I thinking, buying 250 bouncy balls for the party anyway?!?  And, no, I did not count them! The container looked as full as it did before the 'game' of 250 ball pickup!

Sorry, no picture of the balls on the loose, we were too busy recovering wild & crazy balls!

Have a good week.



McMGrad89 said...

What a story! I could really imagine the bouncy balls going EVERYWHERE! I would have died laughing.

PS - you know they caught that on security cam. You may end up on some hidden camera show

Stefunkc said...

Love it!

Cozyflier said...

Annemarie, I almost called Sams to ask them if I could get a copy of the in store video!!