Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trick or Treat or Trunk & Treat!

Halloween Evening started at our school with a fund raising Trunk & Treat!  Our friends, the Olivers came with us.
Amelia, Taelor, AJ, Chris, and Alyssa. 
Little kids at the Trunk & Treat were surprised by the Strorm Trooper! I think Chris had fun!

Macy and Shanae with Chris, isn't he lucky to be surrounded by such beauty?  But they are only 8th graders!
More Irons kiddos with the 'infamous' Storm Trooper!
After we had fun at school, we ran over to Sheridan's for a quick costume contest ~ still don't know the results!  Grabbed a quick dinner at Rosas, that was hilarious, while wating for our food to go everyone under the sun wanted pictures with Chris!
Then home for trick or treating!  Here is the gang as they set out!

I stayed home to hand out our candy.  Kelly took pictures en route.  One house in our area goes all out.  Here is Amelia inside the coffin!

I ran out of candy and texted them just as they came home!  Oh well, one of these years I will get to go out with them again!

OK, this is funny.  these are 2 of my sons!!!  Tyler, in the pink wig, was dared!  I think he looks 'MARVELOUS'!
It was weird doing makeup on my son!
All of us after a long FUN night!
Hope all of you had a fun Halloween! Cozyflier


Stefunkc said...

Love the costumes! But I have to say, Tyler's is the best! What exactly was the dare and who gave it?

miruspeg said...

Hey Carrie I finally have some time to do the rounds and read my friend's blog.
Loved all your Halloween photos, you guys certainly know how to enjoy yourselves.

And Tyler, well what can I say, what a good sport he was to get dressed up like that.
You sure have a beautiful family, you must be so proud of them.

Lots of love
Peggy xxxx