Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My 5X5X5 Day!

Yep, I'm back, worn out but back!  Lets see, I've survived Thanksgiving, managed to stay inside all day Black Friday, and then there was Saturday!

Had received a phone call a while back, Jeanne, one of Kev's cousins was going to have a Thanksgiving get together on Saturday after turkey day and wanted as many of the cousins as possible to come.  WOW!  We hadn't seen Jeanne and any of her family in about 12 years!  I needed to make this happen, quick call and start working on Kev's schedule!!!

Jeanne lives in Clinton, OK.  We live in Lubbock, TX.  This means a 5 hour drive!  Let me just say, if you are a pilot, DON'T have a heart attack.  Getting your license back is a lot of red tape.....

Saturday morning, I get up, get ready.  Kevin drives in from Littlefield ~ an hour away.  He had worked most of Thanksgiving week, hardly saw him.  We piled in the van, the kids act like we are moving when we take a road trip ~ 5 blankets, 4 pillows, 6 movies, and 4 water bottles!!  I started driving so Kevin could sleep, not much rest in the ER.  Didn't see any police on the road between Lubbock and Amarillo, but after Amarillo, they were thick!  The police were really working I-40.  We finally made it to Oklahoma, and yest we sang the state song!  Kev took over driving, we had another hour to hour and 1/2.

1:15 we arrived in Clinton and got to see a BUNCH of cousins!  Food was in abundance everywhere and it was great to see family we hadn't seen in all these years!  AJ was in heaven to meet MALE cousins, and better yet, ones that LOVE Star Wars as much as he does!!  Now AJ is scheming on how to get back to OKC where these cousins live :-)

The kids all ran around and played and the adults talked.  I realize that we didn't get pictures taken :-(

After several hours everyone started packing up to leave.  All the groups had drives, but we had the longest!  So after 5 hours of visiting, we headed back into the van to head home.

Back on the road for another 5 hour car trip!

5 hours driving, 5 hours visiting, 5 hours driving!  Yep, it was my 5 by 5 by 5 day and it was worth every mile!

How was your long weekend.?  Kev went back to work Sunday night, and the kids went back to school Monday.  I'm putting up Christmas now!!



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