Monday, November 1, 2010

Dr. FrankenFunk's Halloween Blow Out

Hello friends! I know you have been waiting for the post party blog! Right?? Well, it was crazy. First off, let me refer you to prior blog. So we made candy and stuff on Wed. before Halloween.

Then Friday evening we gathered at a friend's church kitchen. 3 ovens were going to be necessary to get all the cookie dough we made cut into cookies and decorated! We recruited extra help!

AJ, Jared, Taelor, and Conrad cut cookies, as Kelly supervises!  It took all of us to get this project done!
AJ trying to get cookies loose after cutting!

Luckily friend, Donna, is organized and use to working with kids and projects.

While we cut, Amelia and Donna worked on frosting.  Baggies of colored frosting were needed.

After a quick break for a pizza dinner, the kids started decorating and Kelly and I finished cutting cookies.  Donna was in charge of cooking and cooling!

We soon realized we were going to be at church until 1am if we didn't get more help.  

Donna called in another friend and daughter!  Jessica got us really organized in the decorating.

And the end result?


It took us 5 & 3/4 hours from start to finish, then a 20 min drive home, very slowly and carefully.  2 vehicles full of cookies.  Boy did it smell good!
Saturday was last minute cleaning of the house, final decorations, and putting out the food.  Oh, lets not forget costumes!  Before all the guests started arriving, Kelly thought we needed dinner!  Look at this:
What a cute guy!  Papa Murphys pizza, that is take and bake, had pumpkin shaped pizzas.  Pretty tasty!
R2-D2 and Gizmo fell asleep on the ice chest!  I hated to disturb them, but we needed to ice down the drinks! They spent the evening in the laundry room!

The main table is ready.  Like my coffin??  Kevin made it for me, with a tiny bit of help from Chris and myself!  I just love it, don't you?  I think it set the table off spectacularly!
Poor Conrad, hurt his ankle minutes before the party officially started.  He was 'grounded' for the evening.  Little Nick looked so cute, and Dr. Taelor is ready to party!

Everyone started arriving, and the Zip Cord line formed!  Officially it was flying with witches, but alas, I couldn't find any witch lights!
The evening was full of inside and outside fun.
Kevin and I dressed in Renaissance Era costumes.   The pool table was eye ball bash!
What is a Halloween party without dry ice?  It made the witches brew a big hit!  (Crangrape and Sprite)
I found out on Friday eve that Jessica is a professional face painter.  Hello new friend!!  Come to the party and lets have a new added station ~ Face Painting by Jessica was a super big hit! 
Dustin, Nick, and Amelia.  My camera shy friend, Donna, babysits Nick when he isn't in pre-school.  He has come to be in Love with Amelia over the last 3 years!  Nick was glued to Amelia most of the night!
A.R.F.  Trooper AJ,

I about fell on the ground, I just loved Creighton's orginal idea for a costume!  A walking IPad!! 
The back was complete with the Apple logo!
Oh my!  The treats were enjoyed by all, but I still have cookies left!  Anyone want one?
Everyone having fun!

Little Perry was sooooo happy to have her face painted and get rid of her mask!!  Cute little kitty :-)
AJ had to see if the glow in the dark silly bands really glowed with the black light!

Everyone's favorite, Mummy Wrap!  See which team can wrap a mummy first by using TP!

Devin was the winner!

The surprise visitor!  Tyler's HS friend, Seth, has made a Storm Trooper outfit also!  He is going to join the 501st like my son!
Dancing fools!

Lisa is going to look REALLY cool for her adult party she has to go to in a little while!

Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper??!?
Chris put on his Storm Trooper out fit, we had 2, count 'em 2 Storm Troopers!!!!
I caught Tyler in a picture!  He is in the pumpkin shirt!

Nick wasn't sure about these guys!
The A.R.F. Troopers, Storm Troopers, and Darth Vader! 
Ms. Lovering ~ she taught Chris, Tyler, and now Amelia!!
Mom, Lou, was happy to see all the Troopers!
What is a party without a chocolate fountain??
picking out goodies!

YIKES!  A hand in the punch! (Tang & Sprite)

Jared and Bobby with Chris.  Batman became Chris' guard for the night!  All the kids wanted the Troopers Blaster!
Boys will be boys!  Kevin, always wanting the kids to have a good time, showed a science experiment~ This is the result when you put dry ice and boiling water into a 3 liter bottle and seal it up!  Many of us adults were in the house, and we heard an explosion!  We live one house from the cul-de-sac.  Tyler put the bottle in the cul-de-sac.  I was sure it had hit the dumpster in the ally!  The 3 liter bottle cap went 25 feet up in the air as the bottle exploded.  We all thought the cops would show up.  Phew, they didn't!
Dustin tries out the Zip Cord!
Dancing machine!

More Mummies!
Another great face!

Double Trouble!  Double Mummy!

Kim, looking beautiful!

Popping heads was in the garage.  Kept the noise level down in the house somewhat!  We went through 300 balloons!  Look at the ground!
Catfish does his own version!

Dry ice puts out candles flames!

So, this was the party.  I didn't want to post all 190 pictures.  I figured you would be really bored!

The cool thing was that during the party, many of the kids came up to me and told me what an awesome party this was.  They asked how long it took to decorate, said their Moms wouldn't do it because of the mess!  But, hey you only live once, and I want the kids to have good memories.  Yes, we had from 4 years up to 20+ as guests, then all the parents that stayed and helped and clean up!  And I guess you could say Mom was the oldest!  Everyone had a great time.  So, aren't you sad you missed this ROCKING party?

Better plan to be here next year. We topped 100 kids easily. I never got any pics of the trampoline, but they were jumping with ghost-ties!

Next up? Halloween night! Have I got a laugh for you! Better come back!

(Carrie FUNK)


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