Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Kevin sent this to me today, Saturday.

As I drove to work, I saw a sign at a church that really got me to thinking. The sign said "Poor is the man who's only wealth is money".
Kev's thoughts:
Money is ephemeral and only has value for as long as other people believe that it has value. Some men consider their wealth as their possessions, especially things like cars. Cars deteriorate, even with great care and parts have to be replaced until the original car is gone.
So what is wealth? It is family. Those who love a man, appreciate him, care for him and accept his compassion, possession, and belonging. Family that love each other despite all of our faults, and can love each other unconditionally, is a true family. A man who has a family who loves him for who he is, is the wealthiest man. There are few, and I know that I am one. I am wealthy because of them.

I've said many times over the years that we are very wealthy because we have a loving family
Obviously, Kevin understands that he is one of the luckiest and loved men on the planet. I just wish he didn't have to go into work on Father's Day, but we do get a little bit of time with him :-)

We do LOVE you Kev, see why:

He might be 50, but he plays Twister with the kids!

He carves pumpkins with the kids!

Kev strings Christmas lights!

Kev and his boys! Playing in the park.

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there, enjoy your day.


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